In Memoriam

Renaud Ecalle (1980-2010)



Sad sensation as I heard Renaud Ecalle passed away. I met this nice guy at Dijon-Darois one week before the tragedy...

Renaud was a member of the French Aerobatic Team of the French Air Force (EVAA).
He became World aerobatic champion in 2009 and European aerobatic champion in 2010.

Capitaine Ecalle was a fighter pilot and flew Mirage F-1CT before entering the EVAA.

On Sunday October 03rd, he left the airfield of Jonzac around 17:00 with his wife and his two children heading for Salon de Provence.
After two and an half hours of flight the Robin DR-1050 registrated F-BKBF disappeard from the radar screen of Montpelier control.
The emergency plan was initiated (Super Puma, Transall, Breguet Atlantic),

ut due to the bad weather conditions it twas cancelled and restarted on Monday morning.
The wreck of the Robin was found in the area of Laloux (Herault). When a doctor was winched down, nothing more was to be done, all were deceased.

The reasons of the crash are under investigations, but the bad weather conditions on the crash site Sunday evening are probably the main reason.

The aviation world and aerobatic community lost a great person together with his loved ones.

SBAP team presents their condolences to the families, friends and members of the EVAA team.

Safe landing with the angels to all of you !


Landing after his demonstration at Darois, one week before the tragedy
A last autograph from a sympatic champion



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