CE01 : Emergency landing

Text & pictures : Serge Van Heertum - SBAP

14:00 pm Brussels local time, the Belgian Air Force Embraer CE01 coming from Châteauroux (Fr) performed an emergency landing. During the approach the plane flew into heavy turbulance and one of the engines caught fire. The crew asked immediately  to perform an emergency landing like this is foreseen in case of damage.  Rapidly after landing the emergency plan was launched and the Brussels Airport firebrigade did an intervention followed by the medical crew. The result of this incident was that  five passengers were injured. One heavily injured with a  broken leg, the four others suffering only light injuries. The most severe wounded person was first stabilised and then brought  to the military hospital. The other passengers could get back home after a medical check.
At 15:25 pm local time, a press conference was held by Colonel B. Flamang the Melsbroek basecommander.  He precised that this was the first time that such an incident happened with an Embraer aicraft and also underlined that the crew, pilots (The captain has 4600 flight hours and the First Oficer and instructor 2500 flight hours) and attendant did their job perfectly to avoid a catastrophical scenario.

This story was in fact the scenario of the post crash management (PCM) exercise held on October 25th. A needed exercise for the evaluation of the emergency plan in case of a  crash. This is the best way to check all the levels of reactions and communications. The main goal  of course is to correct the possible imperfection...

Arrival of the CE01 at BruMil  (courtesy Daniel Brackx - BAHA)
Fast intervention as soon as the plane was stopped The first injured are coming out
The light injured are moved to the medical center It's the Brussels Airport firebrigade who did the intervention
Engine fire after heavy turbulance Brussels Airport truck
A great team working between civil and military authorities Colonel B, Flamang during the press conference