Florennes disaster
Post Crash Management Exercise)

 08 June 2010

Text & Pictures : Marc Arys - SBAP

A F16 (FA22) from Kleine Brogel due to land on the parallel runway at Florennes airbase suffered a catastrophic birdstrike in the landing pattern, forcing the pilot to eject. The aircraft came down near a hangar on the base.

The pilot did not suffer any injury but 6 people on the ground were wounded of which two died later on the scene.

This was the scenario of the exercice which is part of a regular evaluation of the P.U.I. (plan d'urgence et d'intervention emergency and intervention plan) as to keep up the proficiency of all interveners.

The particularity of today's exercice was the fact that only a few people knew about it, where as in previous PCM's the exercice is announced on forehand, so the first interventions were as real as possible.