New Book : Luchtoorlog boven BelgiŽ 1914 (Van Antwerpen tot de Zee)

By Bernard Deneckere

Bernard Deneckere has finished a new book on the air war over Belgium in 1914 called "Luchtoorlog boven BelgiŽ 1914. Van Antwerpen tot de Zee". The book relates the first five months of the air war over Belgium from the Ardennes with the French chaotic intervention and the many German casualties during their  advance over the siege of Antwerpen with the use of Zeppelins ,  Drachens and manlifting kites till the Battle of Ieper after which both parties started to dig in and established a series of combat airfields. The book will be available as of October 2010 in the better bookshops at the price of Ä24.99.  "Luchtoorlog boven BelgiŽ 1914. Van Antwerpen tot de Zee" offers over 90 illustrations over 209 pages. Also available by the author :

Bernard Deneckere
Beukenlaan 13

B 8860 Lendelede
Phone : 32(0)51317332

A must about the first world war in Belgium !