Memorial of Verdun
Text & Pictures: Serge Van Heertum - ęSBAP 2012 

Situated in Fleury-devant-Douaumont, the Memorial is the symbol of the historical remembrance process of the first world war in general and specifically the battle of Verdun. The memorial was inaugurated in September 1967. The museum is spread over two levels: the upper gallery includes three large window displays of uniforms, weapons, photographs, pictures and civilian or military objects; the lower gallery is based on themes such as the health service. The galleries are built around a large reconstruction of a battlefield trench of the bloody battles of 1916. A French Nieuport 11 plane, a German Fokker E III plane and a basket of a captured balloon hang in the roof. On the central wall, the battle is described in its chronological progression with the help of animated maps, archive films and a commentary in six languages. No much about aviation, but a place to be visited for the remembrance of this murderous battle.


Nieuport 11 Fokker EIII "Eindekker"
  Bolloon observer
Battle field reconstitution... ...the battlefield like it was during the first world war
A collection of aircraft... ...and pilot pictures
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