Memorial of Verdun
Text & Pictures: Serge Van Heertum - ©SBAP 2013 

The Soesterberg aviation museum was first opened on July 3rd, 1968 and inaugurated by Prince Bernhard . This museum was firstly named “Luchtmachtmuseum” (or Air Force Museum). It was a welcome initiative of former Netherland Air Force personnel. During the first years it was accommodated in one of the air base hangars. But because of the restrictions imposed by being on an operational airfield the museum was only accessible on Saturdays. As soon as the “Kamp van Zeist” was free in 1980, the museum moved at this new place not far away of the air base. There was plenty of place in this area and the collection started growing quickly and also opened a section "Koningklijke Marine" (the Dutch Navy). It was time to change the name and the museum became the "Militaire Luchtvaart Museum" (Military Aeronautical Museum). Some years later, the 32 Tactical Fighter Wing and its F-15 left the base in the mid 1990’s. With the programmed closure of Soesterberg Air Base, the museum will move back to the airfield in a brand new and modern building, where it will become part of a “Defence museum complex” which also will include the current "Legermuseum" (Army Museum) currently located in Delft and the "Museum der Koninklijke Marechaussee" (Military Police Museum) which is now located in Buren. After relocation the museum is scheduled to be inaugurated at the end of 2014 and will be called the "National Military Museum" (N.M.M.). Along the years the M.L.M. was a real active museum thanks the goodwill of the volunteers who did amazing work to preserve the flying patrimony of the Netherlands Air Force and Navy. Let’s hope that this new treasure chest will give them more possibilities to restore some more rare airplanes. In short we will say…good bye M.L.M….welcome N.M.M. and good luck for the future.
Attention, if you plan a visit to this museum, the definitive closure date is fixed on June 30th, 2013.


Outside exhibition
Lockheed F-104G Starfighter as gate guardian along the road The second gate guardian, the F-86K
North American F-86F Sabre North American F-100D Super Sabre dismantled to be moved
Convair F-102A Delta Dagger Extra large front view for the pilot !
Mikoyan Gurevitch MiG-21PFM Fishbed Outside panels exhibition to relate the KLU history
Generaal Snijdershal
Begin of aviation was for an elite people Screw designer shop
Fokker D VII
Koolhoven F.K.51 de Havilland DH 89A Dragon Rapide
Fokker G-1A Amazing design of the Fokker G-1A
Fokker D XXI  1 JVA Squadron Supermarine Spitfire LF.IX
V1 flying bomb North American P-51D Mustang 120 Squadron
North American B-25J Mitchell In 18th squadron colours
Suide guns
Commemoration place for the ones who lost their life for the Nation B-24 Liberator remain
Some models to complete the history: Fokker T.V bomber Or a Handley Page Halifax
All along the walls, some historical documents The history of the pilot clothes
Some real wonderful painting: Fokker T.V A Fokker G-1A during the combat of May 1940
A JU-52-3M victim of a Netherland fighter Dornier Do-24T-3 at take off
Fokker D.XXI in action at begin of war The man and the machines
A Brewster Buffalo from the KNIL (Koningklijk Nederlands Indish Leger) Hawker Hunter F.4 from 322 Squadron in New Guinea
Ing H.A. Vreeburghal (Aircraft designer)
Dornier Do-24T-3 The specific access to the engines
The Netherland aircraft carrier HR MS Karel Doorman
Hawker Sea Furry Mk.50
Hawker Sea Hawk FGA.6
Sikorsky S-58
Grumman US-2N Tracker
Agusta Bell AB204B
De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth Noorduyn AT-16ND Harvard
Fokker S14 Mach Trainer Side by side conception
Hiller OH-23C Raven Sud Aviation SE3130 Alouette II
Sud Aviation SE3160 Alouette III Grasshoppers team Bolkow Bo-105CB-4
Gloster Meteor F4 from 322 Squadron Republic F-84G Thunderjet
Hawker Hunter F4 Republic F-84F Thunderstreak 314 Squadron
North American F-86K Kaasjager from 500 Squadron The pilot office of the F-86K
Lockheed F-104G Starfighter Owned by the 312 Squadron
Northrop NF-5B Freedomfighter from 316 Squadron Lockheed Martin F-16A  312 Squadron
The past and the present toegether A real attractive and dynamic presentation
A T-6 as technical didactitic purpose The aviation structures evolution
Instruments... ...and control panels
Jet engine evolutions Old Netherland Air Force publicities
Didactic models... ...or to replace the real aircraft missing in the collection
Homemade runway cleaner The 1960's tractor
Special activities and reserve...
Soesterberg Air Base shelters designed at the cold war period The KLU F-16 used for the demonstrations
Pilot job demonstration to the visitors
Cessna T-37B Tweety McDonnell F-4E Phantom
Aerospatiale SE3160 Alouette III Westland SH-14D Lynx
"That's All Folks" The Lynx did his last operational flight on September 11th, 2012
Wright Flyer replica Potez CM 170R Fouga Magister
Douglas C-47A Dakota Awaiting the new home...
Lockheed 12A Hawker Hunter T.7
Lockheed SP-2H Neptune A second Neptune nose
Auster AOP3 & Fokker S-11 Instructor Brequet Atlantic
20 years ago...same place in 1993
Some of the aircraft where removed and set in the reserve.
May be they will be back in the new jewell box...
Henri Farman HF.22
Republic RF-84F Thunderflash Supermarine spitfire LF.IX Mock-up. Still present but with wrong colours
Lockheed 12A seen in the reserve Douglas C-47A Dakota also in the reserve but in another paint scheme
Lockheed SP-2H Neptune seen stored today Consolidated PBY Catalina also moved in a hangar
The future jewell bax!
The future building of the National Military Museum A dynamic exhibition...
Bye Bye M.L.M...Welcome N.M.M
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