Memorial of Verdun
Text & Pictures: Bruno Ghils  ©SBAP 2013 


The war museum of Overloon (National Museum of War and the resistance) is a museum of 14 hectares. It is located in the same place where in fall of 1944 the largest tank battle in the history of the Netherlands occurred. They visualize World War II in a very tidy and educational way, by original gear from that era, pictures, vehicles and airplanes. But the Second World War isn’t the only conflict presented in the museum (you can also find exhibitions on Vietnam and the Cold War).
One of the particularities of this museum is that they present the largest collection of European, military transport vehicles (as well as a number of remarkable pieces of engineering equipment).
Although the aviation is only represented by four planes (it’s not the primary objective of the museum), the airplanes on display make a trip more than worthwhile, starting with a B25D, wearing the colors of the 320th “Dutch” Squadron (this one should be the only full Dutch remaining B-25). The next plane is a Spitfire FRXVIIIe wearing the colors of 322th “Dutch” Squadron (in reality it’s an old Indian Air Force plane). Then we find an AT-16ND Harvard llb (in the colors of the KLU) and finally, the last MIG 21SPS (ex-Luftwaffe, ex-NVA), painted in Soviet colors to evoke a Cold War sensation.
So if you are passionate about aviation, I urge you to visit the museum, where the planes are kept in a remarkable condition, and all that while you also discover a fantastic collection of vehicles, armored transports, motorcycles… plenty to satisfy several passions.
Finally, on behalf of the SBAP, I want to thank the public relations department of the museum for its welcome, its hospitality, and help during my visit. A perfect example of Dutch hospitality!

North American B-25D "Mitchell"
Supermarine Spitfire FRXVIIIe
North American AT-16ND Harvard IIb  
V-1 Flying bomb
IS-2 Joseph Stalin tank
FT-18 tank Part view of military vehicles
Sherman tank German 88mm anti aircraft gun
GMC truck M51 super Sherman
T-34 T-55 tank under the Mig 21
Military engeneer crane Light caterpilar under a USAF recovery crane
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