Memorial of Verdun
Text &  Pictures: Danny De Clercq - ©SBAP 2012 

In the South of France, located in the Department of "Les Landes", you can find Dax Airbase. this military airport, which is also used by civilian clubs,  is mainly the home base of  "Ecole d’Application de l’ALAT" (Aviation Légère de l’armée de Terre / French light army aviation). This base is also the training base for the future Belgian helicopter pilots who, after completing their basic training on the 1st Training Wing Marchetti's, come here for their training on the Gazelle helicopter.
t is in a corner of the base that the "Musée de l’ALAT et de l’hélicoptère" located is, in a shed of 2000m2. In this part of the base, an impressive collection of planes and helicopters can be found. The first section contains a gallery where a movie relating the French Light Aviation history can be seen, but also a large number of documents, photographs and scale models related to the history of this component. Special attention is paid to the chapter of the Indochina war and the battle for independence in Algeria.
The second section
underline the specific helicopter technics. In this area you can view the operation of the turbine, the clutch and the controls of an Alouette II. The turbine is electrically powered and is equipped with panels in Plexiglas’s to have a good view on the complex mechanism.
The third and last part is the aircraft hangar that houses a beautiful and convenient collection of aircrafts and helicopters.
During the tour, some veterans tell about their own experiences on the various machines and the real war missions they have flown.


Stampe & Vertongen (SNCASE) SV4c Nord 3202 

Hiller 360

Bell 47 G
Morane-Saulnier MS 505 "Criquet" Cessna L.19 "Bird Dog" 
Alouette II Sikorsky H 19
Nord 3400  NC 856 Norvigie 
Max Holste MH 1521 Broussard  Piper PA 22 Tripacer 
Alouette III Marine Bell 47 G in MEDEVAC version
Sikorsky HSS-1 Marine Alouette II (Astazou)
Vertol H 21  Dauphin SA 361 B 
Aerospatial SA.349 "Gazelle" Alouette III
Aerospatial SA.342 "Super Puma"
Djinn Alouette III Super Puma
Aerospatial AS.355 "Ecureuil" from the French border control unit Mil-Mi 8 from German Navy
Nord 3202 in aerobatic version from the "Patrouille de voltige de l'ALAT"
Also an engie and rotor system collection
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