Squadron exchange at Sion Airbase



Pictures : Courtesy Swiss Air Force and Belgian 5th Squadron


Between march 30th and april 01st 2009, the 5th Squadron from Beauvechain Airbase have participated to a Squadron exchange at Sion Airbase with the PC-21 of the Swiss Air Force flying school (Normaly based at Emmen). During the 3 days they spent there, some of the Belgian pilots had the opportunity to test the PC-21 during a backseat flight. The impressions after the flights were absolutely positive.

In return, the Swiss PC-21's came in Belgium the week of the national day, so all the visitors who came during the Beauvechain opendoors could discover this new generation trainer. (See also our event page about the opendoor)

Of course, during the visit of the Belgian "Marchetti" at Sion, pictures were taken.

So SBAP can present you some beautiful pictures of the SF.260's in an unusual environement.


So enjoy the Belgian SF.260's and PC-21's above Swiss landscapes.



Unusual environement for the Belgian "Marchetti" Join up with a Swis friend
PC-21 backseat view A Belgian instructor appreciate the new generation trainer
ST12 near a Swiss colleague Formation flight during the official Squadron exchange photo shoot
The beautiful lines of this Swiss made training airplane
The Belgo-Swiss formation above Switzerland landscapes
  The official picture named : "The past and the futur"
Everybody together for the rememberance picture  


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