Evolution of the project




4th Step


All is ready, the big day is coming...

The official release will be held during the opendoor of Beauvechain Airbase.

A great event for all the aviation enthusiast with many training airplanes from Belgium and other countries like Switzerland, Austria, France and much more.

Be present and don't forget to get your copy of the book over this wonderfull Italian training aircraft.







3rd Step


The layout is now finnished. After many verifications and corrections all is ready. The project is now on the printing stage and the first step was a test print. The conclusion was ok and the great printing job is started. After that all the pages will go for assembly...thats a real puzzle. Thanks to the professional guys this ultimate step in the fabrication will certainly be successful.


During the printing Quality controls A part of the pages are ready


2nd Step


The second important step of the realisation is the lay-out. As already mentioned, this book follows the same lay-out as our Fouga book. The choice of the pictures, their placing in the text, all are really important to make an attractive product. After this step and the usual  lot of verifications on either sides (authors, publisher - lay-out), the product will reach the printing stage. We will keep you posted when this stage is reached.


The choice of documents The layout


1st Step


One of our main aviation interests are the unspoken aircraft of the Belgian Air Force of which the Siai Marchetti SF.260 is one of the many. After the succes story of our book on the Fouga Magister the idea emerged to carry on this way with a publication regarding this little Italian aircraft. The project went on and the anniversary of the Marchetti in Belgium was the dreamed occasion. The authorities, which already trusted us in the past, were enchanted and thanks to their support and the confidence of our publisher Flash Aviation at Eindhoven, work on the book started.

Plenty of hours were spent at Beauvechain with the pilots, the maintenance personal, the people of the paint shop and into the archives. During our search we received the opportunity to meet some ancient pilots who kindly offered us their photographic treasures and stories. We had also the opportunity to get in touch with the designer of the SF.260, Stelio Frati.

Other long time friends granted us acces to their archives and photographic documents to allow us to gather all the necessary information to complete our project.

At last we are now very pleased to announce that our project on the Siai Marchetti SF.260 is at its lay-out stage with the usual C2A Belgium company, as for our previous book.

Presale is on as from today and we hope this project will bring us as much succes as did the Fouga, which motivated us to complete this new challenge.



Investigations regarding the maintenance During our photo flight


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