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Siai Marchetti

Agile Penguin in Belgian Skies



Evolution of the book






The book



One of our readers have a special hobby! Alexander Vandenbohede makes splendid aircraft profiles and particularly Belgian Air Force machines. We asked at this artist to could set his Siai Marchetti SF.260D  ST40 drawing on our site and you will see the high quality of his productions. You will certainly hear more about this man in the near future...


ST40 "40 years" scheme a realisation of Alexander


In this pages you will find new items over the Siai MARCHETTI SF.260.

Regularly we will make updates like the pictures you haven't seen in the book, the press release about the book, the reactions of our readers and many others.



   Our readers reactions  



Press release



    Squadron exchange Sion 2009    



ST12 makes the cover

ST20 Maxi & Mini

New colours for Hardship Red team


In Memoriam : Stelio Frati

ST33 Baby Swallow in the air !

Red Devils 2011


ST44...Going Grey

Red Devils in the age of props!

  Red Devils @ Velenciennes
  Red Devils @ Saint Quentin

Red Devils @ Sanicole


Red Devils special National Day 2013

  Red Devils @ Dittingen
  Red Devils @ Sanicole
  Red Devils last 2013 display