In Memoriam

Stelio Frati (1919 - 2010)



Gone on his last flight, Dr Ing Stelio Fratti passed away on May 14th, 2010.

Stelio Frati was born in Milano on June 26th, 1919. Wel known as the father of the Siai Marchetti SF.260, he did the design of many other Italian aircraft.

Genial designer, Stelio Frati was also a man full of sensibility and kidness. He gave his support to our team during the realisation of our book “Marchetti, Agile Penguins in Belgian Skies” without any restriction.

In one word the aeronautical world has lost a great man.

SBAP team present their condolences to his family and friends and would like to dedicate one of the last SF.260 picture taken by the team in memory of Stelio Frati.

Safe landing with the angels Stelio !


Dedicated to a great man of aeronautical world !



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