CM 170 Fouga Magister MT-48's
Last Flight


Text & Photographs : İSerge VAN HEERTUM and İMarc ARYS - S.B.A.P.



On June, 05, 2007, CM 170 Fouga Magister MT-48 ended it's career at Beauvechain airbase. Together with the MT-26, this aircraft was part of the last Fouga Pair display-team, being flown by Lt. Col. Avi. Paul Rorive (also the last Fouga solodisplay pilot of the Belgian Air Component).


Serge and Marc of S.B.A.P. witnessed this flight and share these last moments with you.


With the retirement of the MT-48, only one Fouga Magister remains in operational service in Belgium - the MT-35 :





Thumbs up !   Leaving the Fouga flightline
    Fly-by during the landing of the chase plane - MT35
Going up for a pair of loopings before the break into the landing pattern   Last landing on June 05, 2007 at 16.28' hrs
    Last salute to the 'public' !
Paul's 'turtles' having accompanied the MT-48 on it's final journey   Flightcrews and technicians
Being pushed back into the hangar   Shiny in the sun
    Bye, bye MT-48...............
Really the last of the many !!! The MT-35 on the Fouga flightline.....


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