CM 170 Fouga Magister in its' final year

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Photos : Marc Arys and Serge Van Heertum - S.B.A.P.©


"A nice looking aircraft has nice flying characteristics" - Marcel Dassault



This is also true for the CM 170 Fouga Magister.


With its' first flight in Belgian services on January 23, 1960 in Kamina (former Belgian Congo) it has since soldiered on. 2005 saw the 45th anniversary of this fine aircraft, but sadly the career of the "Whistling Turtles" is coming to an end.


To commemorate this event, two Fouga Magister were planned to receive a special paintscheme. MT26 is already done - MT48 is to follow in the next few days. Further commemoration will see both aircraft flying a display at Koksijde Air Show on July 02, 2006 and during the Belgian Defence Days at Beauvechain airbase on September 03, 2006.


Both aircraft, altough sporting the same paitscheme, will carry subtle distinctions. We spotted some !!!!!


The aircraft will be flown by Lt. Gen. "Pedro" Buyse and Lt. Col "Paul" Rorive. This last one also being the Fouga Solo Display pilot.


S.B.A.P. is proud to present you the first pictures of the new paintscheme on the MT26.


Fouga photopage


On April 05, 2006 S.B.A.P. has had the opportunity to witness a beautiful model, built - presented and flown by Josť Vrancken.


See our article on his accomplishment


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