The book is available

and was presented to the

Belgian Minister of Defence

André Flahaut

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Whistling Turtles in Belgian Skies







The first pages, freshly printed


Control of the printing- and colour quality


The authors with a 'cover' sheet (without the varnish coating)



Some pages....


Chapter on the Red Devils and other teams   A survey from MT01 to MT50
Incidents and accidents   Cockpit detailing
Photographic walkaround   Photo album


Whistling Turtles in Belgian Skies was presented on September 10, 2007 to the Belgian Minister of Defence André Flahaut, which showed a great interest and congratulated both authors for their achievement.





We'd like to thank our editor Coen van den Heuvel at FLASH AVIATION and our lay-out man Nico De Boeck, first of all for believing in us and again for their support and time !!!


About our book :


    - Published in dutch and french language

   - Semi hard cover - 21cm x 24cm

   - Full colours
   - 213 pages
   - Chapters on : origines, history, display teams, solo display pilots, an overview of what became of all 50 Belgian Fouga's, incidents and accidents, a
     technical part, a photographic walkaround, a photo gallery, insigna's, Belgian humour, modelling and flightsim

   - totalling about 680 pictures and drawings



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