Text: Serge Van Heertum - Pictures: SBAP Team as mentioned - Translations: Marc Arys  ©sbap 2021
The Covid and its management will have and still has many problems, organisational among others... However in our small country an event was awaited with fervour and impatience, I named the Belgian Air Force Days 2021. Oh sure, everyone knew that it would not be the international show like the ones of yesteryear, but it was the occasion for many to set foot on an airbase again and watch those flying machines in action. Alas, three times alas, the pandemic was already going and finally a simple day dedicated for the photographers (max 400) was organized (and well organized it must be said) by the authorities and the personnel of the airbase of Florennes with access from 13.00 hours to 23.00 hours to finish with a night shoot.

This event was of course 'paying', but in compensation the set was pleasant, the night shoot promising and the welcome gift surprising and well supplied. In short, a good job.
The problem was that a few days before the registration opened, our Dutch speaking POC received a call from the ComOpsAir IPR press and public relations department in Brussels, informing us that there would be no activity for the specialised press, as the authorities of the Florennes base "put some obstacles in the way" for the press and public relations service (sic..) and our interlocutor advised us to register as soon as possible through the base's website and to pay the sum of 40,00 €/per person if we wanted to be able to access and cover the event. To make the press pay is a novelty, and I would like to remind you that it is the so-called specialised press which makes the free publicity of Defence in general and of the Air Force in particular!
No matter, 85% of the SBAP team had registered, the opportunity was too good to meet again between journalists and freelancers of the team. And for some, to make things easier, several of the registered participants gathered in the same vehicle. So far, nothing spectacular until an e-mail arrived at the editorial office two days before the event inviting the press to the presentation of the 2021 demonstration teams, on the same airbases but this time from 1 to 6 pm. Ahhhh...what can we do when we are also ready to cover this event, to advertise the ambassadors we support and who, over time, for some have become friends?
The only possibility we had, was to send an email to the press service (which had indicated in its invitation email that the journalists who wanted to stay later than 18.00 for the night shoot had to pay for the famous 40.00€ at the base) to know what to do for this double registration since the entrances of the two events were different, the place of the press conference was not accessible to the people registered for the event at the airbase etc... well our famous email remained until today a dead letter, believe it or not...

That's why you won't see any report on the 2021 demonstration teams in this page, despite the proposal of some colleagues from other media companies who had only chosen for the press conference option, to propose us them pictural material.
We would like to thank them for this fraternal gesture, but we have decided to boycott this part... alas, three times alas for our ambassadors who deserve better!

The editors would like to take the liberty of finding it rather "folkloric" that the different entities of one and the same Air Force should antagonise each other in such circumstances. Suddenly I remember the Belgian motto: "L'union fait la force"... Not for everyone, apparently!

So here are ONLY the pictures from the photographers who registered through the airbase, website, presenting an anthology of the work of several collaborators. Of course there are similar pictures since the team was together, but each one having the right to see its own participation, and so we underline and thank of our collaborators for their time and work.
To conclude, there is no need to make a long exhaustive list, the number of participants being limited, but it was nevertheless very pleasant to be together to contemplate our beloved flying machines, even if Erika Leonard better known as E. L. James had invited herself with her fifty shades of grey ;-)

Special Paint Trio
Last public appearance for the Alouette III "Reds" arrival
Clean aircraft back from SABCA Gosselies What is he doing here?
Facing "Ares" God of war...
TTH for Tactical Transport Helicopter Taking some speed
Fighting Falcon pair
Another pair also from KB Hello guy's !
Pierre Van Wetter and the Belgian made Sonaca 200
A simple, flexible and really manoeuvrable plane
The newcomer transport aircraft Power and vortices
Gargo door open for heavy droppings
"Razzle Blades" and flares effects
Colorful Agusta display team 2021
Royal Belgian Air Cadets tow plane and glider
Charlie Hotel Twelve and the vortices
Hercules power
Kris and the Mk XVI
Spit and stripes
Some more passes
"Dark power" take off...
...and join up
Welcome to the corridors of time the past past and the past to come
Elegance in its purest form
Bad weather can provide special effects

Some wet air and a lot of effects
So simply our national "Red Devils"
Welcome on RWY 08 R threshold
 Souvenir of the light avi Tow plane and Glider
New and Belgian Are you angry???
A gray penguin in the tall grass of Florennes
GE-S was the Spitfire Mk IX code of pilot Joseph "Jeff" Moureau, 349 Sqn officer involved in the D-Day operations
R.J. Mitchell design and elegancy
National roundels Inside the giant
50 years old and still so dashing
Remove before flight is an heavy work here
Big bubble hood Everything slips away in the presence of the dark force

Like a big shark face Viper in the night
Damon Hill and Stefan Darte mounts In the heat of the spotlights
Like a wild animal in the savannah
Golden hood and Dark Falcon Under white light this time
Belgae Gallorum Fortissimi jubilee
A Gaul in the forest
Modern logo with a certain cachet
"Razzle Blades" festival of colours
Both side of the beast in the night
Colorful Display Team
Arrival of "Ares"
FB-20 pass FA-114 at the break
"Atlas" from the Luxemburgs Indian's
High speed pass Dropping config
Hot Hot Hot "Razzle Blades"
A slow motion pass Flying Elan... Lol
Sadly the last year of mighty "Hercules" Flying screw
Prestigeous Belgian registered Warbird
Full Afterburner Dark Falcon
Hunters shadow Flares and grey sky
Knife edge pass Impressive ressource
Tight turn Some more flares
Low speed... ...High speed
Four Reds Forever
Piper L-18C Super Cub Piper L-21B Super Cub
Italian-style "Delta" A successful Belgian design
Better be his friend to see him head on

Fighter, Helicopter and Transport... BAF 2021
Armed aircraft
Vercingetorix the brave Gallic warrior
Are you sure, you are my father?
Wolf skin in the night
The Ninety One at landing Charlie Tango Lux touch and go
Flare effects are always an appreciated sight
Another "fire ball" Some cadets dreaming of their future...
The last year of the "Hercules" fleet...Sad, very sad 42 years to be correct
Dark Falcon on taxi for display
Better top view is impossible The pair that should not be missed
A beauty at landing
"Vador" on duty Dark force for sure
Flares over the top Wet jamming
DG-505 Elan Orion
The little one... ...and the big one
The brave Gaul in front of his cottage
Attention armed aircraft
Let's go A109 party
Pyjama party for the Red Devils
Square like the "Dark Falcon" demonstration
Ready for control "Ares" arriva!
Touch and go for the One-Three-Five Milky sky for a Fighting Falcon duo
The Eight-One and One-Three-Four
Arrival of the "Reds" "Meel" taxiing
Four "Reds" and one spare aircraft
One-Three-Two at landing... ...and taxi back to the designed shelter
New Melsbroek giant at display Touch...
...and go! The way to drop  heavy material
"Razzle Blades" in action Flares, Flares, Flares
Flares and smoke volutes The crew salute
Mighty "Herc" wild take off
Discreet smoke ;-) Indian vortices
Ready for a cartoon appearance
Mk XVI Rolls Royce power
"Vador" on take off with full AB
Viper power Steam powered F-16?
Some more manoeuvers... ...and tight turn
Framed by its own flares Supperb bad weather demo !
The "Red Devils" going for some actions
Three-Fifty Mighty !
The anniversary aircraft Rosenbauer demo team!
The Sonaca 200...a possible replacement aircraft... ...for the Siai Marchetti and Belgian Air Force basic training? Why not?
Like a Caiman in the swamps
Glider and Piper Gallic warrior at nightfall
Armed Viper... ...and Demo Viper
Atlas left... ...and Atlas right
"Razzle Blades" in action Flares wave
Brrr...the devil's hand comes out of the bowels Show is over...Bye
Belgian Royal Air Cadets... A good start in the aviation world
Vortices take off Vortices touch and go
Some more vortices
Or some smoke It will soon also be a view of the BAF past
Upside down beauty Achtung Spitfire !
Showing the belly Take Off and join up
Piston and jet power
Splendid pair Break
When the past goes away and the present stays waiting for the future
Tight turn The other side of the force
A reverse stitch and a knit stitch
In the jet blast of the dark force A last flares pass
The "Red Devils" in action
Well armed the viper! Better not to be his enemy
GBU-39 SDB "Small Diameter Bomb" 42 years old and still valiant
The planned Airbus A330 MRTT came before everyone was able to get it's place on the base ... Sad to have not respected the timing.
Mighty "Herc" looking at the photographers "Ares" touch
Taxiing to the parking area
"Atlas" number one on duty
Nose close up View on the big cargo door
Agusta demo and flares festival
Salute to the crew chief Jet wash taxi
Follow the blak arrow...waouw
The past is gone, the present remains ... Smoke on!
To conclude the flying afternoon, an Agusta para-drop
The History with a capital "H" is still present on Florennes airbase
Amazing face to face view

Spitfire wandering in four parts...
"Dark Falcon" display aircraft
Position light Formula 1 duo : Jordan 198 Damon Hill & Ralf Schumacher (front)
Arrows A9 Thierry Boutsen en Christian Danner (rear)
The "Winged Viper" Punchy style anniversary
The Belgian Air Force anniversary one in the night
Viper shadow Light festival

Shadow and light Falcon and Wolf
"Cub" in the night
Friday, back to home before the weekend CH-12 on taxi
Behind "Hercules"

The two side of the Force...
Formula 1 vs "Razzle Blades" race... ...and Formula 1 vs "Dark Falcon" race
Why did they held this kind of event, without spectators and the day after the public open day?
BAF days cancelled, limited spotting day is also over, back to normal activities on the base

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