Text: Serge Van Heertum - Pictures: Brussels Airlines Press & Media, Philip Verhasselt 15 Wing  -  © sbap 2020

The year 2020 will be remembered forever, the "scourge of God" to strike the world... Nobody expected it ? Not so sure, since already at the end of 2019 warning signals had been issued, but the great ones of this world (who only have the name) have coverd-up the evolution and the possibility of a rapid spread at the global level. Indeed, the small virus has made its way to offer a pandemic in due form.
Is this intentional ? Is it a (rookie) mistake by a laboratory ? Who benefits from the crime ? Is there a desire to rock the world economy ? Is it a big "clean-up" of the weakest to stop uncontrolled planetary growth ?
So many questions to which we will probably never have clear answers. Having said that, the little Covid has clearly exposed the shameful gaps and nonsense (ordering millions of non-compliant masks) of our decision-makers of whatever political side on a global level. Never been seen before at such a scale.
It is obvious, you don't need have a university degree, to understand the global economic slump that will follow. Some people are already announcing a stock market crash that is out of all proportion to the one on Wall Street in 1929. Let us recall, historically speaking, this stock market crash was at the origin of many things, including the rise of totalitarian powers with the consequences that our forefathers knew and fought for our generations to live in freedom, but clearly it is not over yet, history being an eternal starting over.
This global economic downturn will and already does affect the aviation world in part. Airlines are of course being hit hard by the closure of borders, travel bans (although...) and generalised confinement. The Belgian company Brussels Airlines has stopped all commercial flights and grounded the majority of its fleet, keeping only a few planes for medical repatriations at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
But Brussels airport did not die because it became a hub for cargo flights, where tons of material, mostly medical equipment, transited. It was therefore interesting to follow the movements from the confinement and it is clear that the slowdown in passenger traffic took time.
As everyone is currently doing, we are following the information from the various media and news about this pandemic. It is clear that in Europe the most affected countries are Italy, Spain and Germany. A disaster forcing the authorities to pronounce a lockdown, a most severe confinement, a closure of the borders (nobody goes out anymore and nobody comes in...). Is that right ?
How is it that since the beginning of the crisis in Belgium and the confinement imposed by a government formed in emergency (because remember we did not have one since the last elections held on May 26, 2019 ...) the airlines Alitalia, Iberia, Lufthansa, Finnair and Aegean continue to operate regular passenger flights to Brussels (FCO-BRU, MAD-BRU, MUC-BRU, FRA-BRU, HEL-BRU and ATH-BRU) while the borders are closed, travel is "forbidden" and our own national airline has halted its operations. And Lufthansa threatens to drop Eurowing (of which Brussels Airlines is a part)....
Who benefits from these shameless hiding methods? Where have the envelopes gone ?
I think the authorities need to justify this state of affairs !
But I am afraid that they will continue to operate as they have always done and that, as they say, we are not out of the woods yet !
Here are the day to day movements of Brussels Airport that we were able to capture. We will update the page every week with what we have been able to "take" and this until the end of the pandemic. One more word from our whole team : fellow readers... stay safe...

Brussels Airlines
All the fleet of Brussels Airlines is grounded behalves some sanitary flights
(Courtesy Brussels Airlines Press©) 
The cabin seats are cleaned and protected
(Courtesy Brussels Airlines Press©) 
  The gaps are protected to prevent corrosion and nesting
(Courtesy Brussels Airlines Press©) 
Engines are also protected...
(Courtesy Brussels Airlines Press©) 
  ...and hermetically sealed
(Courtesy Brussels Airlines Press©) 
Strange view announcing serious economical difficulties
(Courtesy Brussels Airlines Press©) 
  Even the Smurfs are in quarantine
(Courtesy Brussels Airlines Press©) 
Belgian Air Force
Airbus A330-202  CS-TQP (c/n 211) Hi Fly (Portugal) leased by the Belgian Air Force (EBMB 07-04-2020)
(Philip Verhasselt 15 W ©)

 Ready for action at sanitary flight arrival
(Philip Verhasselt 15 W ©)
Highly protected against Covid-19 for the passenger control
(Philip Verhasselt 15 W ©)

Undressing center and decontaminated clothes
(Philip Verhasselt 15 W ©)
The shower essential after the anti-covid control mission
(Philip Verhasselt 15 W ©)
The Airbus A321-231 CS-TRJ and the special medicalized tent on Melsbroek Airbase tarmac 
(Philip Verhasselt 15 W ©)

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