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As our readers and fans of civil aviation know, Asia is full of airlines, considered on our side of the globe, as "exotic". Indeed, Asia has dozens of companies, sometimes with shimmering colors, and going over there to "capture" a few pictures, is probably the dream for western aeronautical photographers.
Some of these companies excel by their sometimes very original or quite surprising liveries. In this area, the Japanese companies are certainly the masters in the field, as you will see in our photo report. But that said, some Taiwanese companies are not outdone either.
This pictorial report was made at the end of 2019, shortly before the discovery or at least shortly before the Chinese authorities admitted the existence of a new virus, Covid -19, commonly known as the Coronavirus.
This health plague, which has passed into the stage of a global pandemic, has caused most airlines around the world to face difficulties by closed borders and confinement regulations. The result will be felt in a few weeks and it is not excluded that some will have to declare financial bankruptcy, and Asian companies will more than likely be part of it.
That said, the situation proves that excessive globalization is not the solution and that relocations all over the globe, to earn even more money, does not produce anything in the event of a 'crash', as we live it.
In short, let us leave the considerations of governance, everyone will have to draw the appropriate lessons from it, but will world leaders be able to do so ... reasonable doubt remains, when we turn to history and its endless repetitions.
And then as the French singer Michel Sardou would say: Money ... money ... money ... yes but you forgot the sea ...
(L'argent…l'argent…l'argent….oui mais vous aviez oublié la mer…)(L'Anatole - Trema 1979).
In one word, we forget the beautiful and simple things of life in favor of Dollars and other Euros.
But, let us now go back to our basic subject, Asian Airlines Delight…
The SBAP-team thanks you for having chosen its pages to make your imaginary journey and we hope to see you again on our site soon. 
Have a nice flight !
Taiwan: Hualien
 ATR 72-600 (72-212A) B-17009 (c/n 1136) from UNI Air (Taiwan - Republic of China)
ATR 72-600 (72-212A) B-17009 (c/n 1136) from UNI Air (Taiwan - Republic of China) with some F-16's fighters
 ATR 72-600 (72-212A) B-16852 (c/n 1387) Mandarin Airlines (Taiwan - Republic of China)
Taiwan: Tainan
ATR 72-600 (72-212A) B-17016 (c/n 1344) from EVA Air (Taiwan - Republic of China)
ATR 72-600 (72-212A) B-17016 (c/n 1175) from UNI Air (Taiwan - Republic of China)
Airbus A321-211 (WL) VN-A670 (c/n 8676) from VietJetAir (Vietnam)
Embraer ERJ-190AR (ERJ-190-100 IGW) B-16829 (c/n 00302) Mandarin Airlines (Taiwan - Republic of China)
Japan: Naha
 Airbus A320-214 JA813P (c/n 6107) Peach (Japan)
Boeing 777-281 JA714A (c/n 28276) ANA All Nippon Airways (Japan)
 Bombardier DHC-8-402Q JA81RC (c/n 4505) Ryukyu Air Commuter (Japan)
Boeing 777-281(ER) JA741A (c/n 40900) ANA All Nippon Airways (Japan) "Tokyo 2020" livery"
 Airbus A320-232 JA10JJ (c/n 5520) Jetstar (Japan)

 Boeing 737-8Q3(WL) JA06RK (c/n 61480) JTA Japan Transocean Air (Japan) "Sakura Jinbei" red livery

 Boeing 737-8Q3(WL) JA05RK (c/n 61479) JTA Japan Transocean Air (Japan) "Sakura Jinbei" blue livery
 Airbus A330-343 B-LNM (c/n 1358) Hongkong Airlines (Hong Kong) "Asia World City" logo
 Boeing 737-86N(WL) JA805X (c/n 38035) Solaseed Air (Japan)
 Airbus A320-214 JA821P (c/n 6107) Peach (Japan)
 Boeing 737-8AL(WL) JA90AN (c/n 64878) ANA All Nippon Airways (Japan)
 Boeing 737-8Q3(WL) JA02RK (c/n 61476) JTA Japan Transocean Air (Japan)
 Airbus A330-343 B-LBF (c/n 1545) Cathay Dragon (Hong Kong)
 Boeing 767-346(ER) JA656J (c/n 40368) JAL Japan Airlines (Japan)
 Airbus A320-214 B-2412 (c/n 2478) China Eastern (People's republic of China)
 Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner JA825A (c/n 34516) ANA All Nippon Airways (Japan)
 Boeing 737-881(WL) JA63AN (c/n 33901) ANA All Nippon Airways (Japan)
 Airbus A321-211(WL) B-16207 (c/n 5849) EVA Air (Taiwan - Republic of China) "Hello Kitty" livery
 Boeing 777-289 JA8979 (c/n 27638) JAL Japan Airlines (Japan)
 Airbus A320-232(WL) B-50011 (c/n 6917) Tigerair (Taiwan - Republic of China)
 Boeing 737-8AL(WL) JA73AB (c/n 63408) Skymark Airlines (Japan)
 Airbus A320-271N JA212A (c/n 7483) ANA All Nippon Airways (Japan)
 Boeing 777-381 JA755A (c/n 28275) ANA All Nippon Airways (Japan)
Boeing 737-86N(WL) JA803X (c/n 39395) Solaseed Air (Japan)

 Boeing 737-8Q3(WL) JA11RK (c/n 61484) JTA Japan Transocean Air (Japan) "Unicef" livery
Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner JA824A (c/n 42247) ANA All Nippon Airways (Japan)
Boeing 777-346 JA752J (c/n 27655) JAL Japan Airlines (Japan) "One World" livery
 Boeing 747-409 B-18212 (c/n 33736) China Airlines (Taiwan - Republic of China)
 Airbus A321-231(WL) B-LEF (c/n 7831) HK Express (Hong Kong)
Boeing 737-86N(WL) JA806X (c/n 38036) Solaseed Air (Japan)
 Boeing 777-246 JA773J (c/n 27653) JAL Japan Airlines (Japan) "Tokyo 2020, Fly for it!" livery
Boeing 767-381(ER) JA614A (c/n 33508) ANA All Nippon Airways (Japan) "Star Alliance" livery
 Airbus A320-214(WL) JA20MC (c/n 5652) Starflyer (Japan)
 Airbus A321-231 HL8257 (c/n 5173) Asiana Airlines (South Korea)
 Airbus A320-214(WL) B-LPL (c/n 6003) Hongkong Airlines (Hong Kong)
  Airbus A321-211(WL) B-8650 (c/n 7413) China Eastern (People's republic of China)
 Boeing 777-281(ER) JA743A (c/n 40902) ANA All Nippon Airways (Japan) "Star Wars - C-3PO" livery
 Boeing 737-881(WL) JA85AN (c/n 62640) ANA All Nippon Airways (Japan) "Tohoku Flower Jet" livery
 Boeing 767-346(ER) JA601J (c/n 32886) JAL Japan Airlines (Japan) "Tokyo 2020 Olympics" livery
 Boeing 777-281(ER) JA745A (c/n 40904) ANA All Nippon Airways (Japan)
Airbus A330-343 B-LNR (c/n 1099) Hongkong Airlines (Hong Kong)
Boeing 737-86N(WL) JA73NY (c/n 41263) Skymark Airlines (Japan) "B.League" livery
 Airbus A320-214 B-6872 (c/n 4886) China Eastern (People's republic of China)
  Boeing 737-8Q8(WL) HL8237 (c/n 30654) T'Way Air (South Korea)
Japan: Hyakuri
 Boeing 737-81D(WL) JA73NN (c/n 39422) Skymark Airlines (Japan)
Boeing 737-86N(WL) JA73NT (c/n 41264) Skymark Airlines (Japan)
 Airbus A320-214(WL) B-1840 (c/n 6117) Spring Airlines (People's republic of China)
Boeing 737-82Y(WL) JA737Z (c/n 40712) Skymark Airlines (Japan)
Boeing 737-8FH(WL) JA73NR (c/n 39927) Skymark Airlines (Japan) "Hanshin Tigers" livery

Boeing 737-86N(WL) JA73NX (c/n 38045) Skymark Airlines (Japan) "Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters" livery
Airbus A320-214(WL) B-1656 (c/n 6452) Spring Airlines (People's republic of China)

Boeing 737-8AL(WL) JA737X (c/n 36692) Skymark Airlines (Japan) "Vissel Kobe" livery
 Embraer ERJ-175STD JA07FJ (c/n 17000361) FDA Fuji Dream Airlines (Japan)
  Embraer ERJ-175STD JA07FJ (c/n 17000317) FDA Fuji Dream Airlines (Japan)
Boeing 737-86N(WL) JA737R (c/n 35630) Skymark Airlines (Japan)
 Airbus A320-232(WL) B-50017 (c/n 7491) Tigerair (Taiwan) - Republic of China
Airbus Helicopter EC 135P2i JA310A (c/n 0868) NPA National Police Agency (Japan)
Airbus A320-214(WL) B-1896 (c/n 6231) Spring Airlines (People's republic of China)
 Airbus A320-232(WL) B-50005 (c/n 6522) Tigerair (Taiwan - Republic of China)
Airbus A320-214(WL) B-8581 (c/n 7556) Spring Airlines (People's republic of China)
 Boeing 737-86N HL8029 (c/n 28576) Eastar Jet (South Korea)
Japan: Misawa
 Boeing 767-323(ER)(WL) N432AX (c/n 27449) OAI Omni Air International (United States)
 Embraer ERJ-190STD JA253J (c/n 19000753) J-Air (Japan) in good fighters company...
Embraer ERJ-190STD JA253J (c/n 19000724) J-Air (Japan)
Japan: Komatsu
 Boeing 737-846(WL) JA322J (c/n 35351) JAL Japan Airlines (Japan)
 Boeing 737-881(WL) JA59AN (c/n 33896) ANA All Nippon Airways (Japan)
 Bell 412EP JA893F (c/n 36134) Fire and Disaster Management Agency (Japan)
 Bell 429 GlobalRanger JA128D (c/n 57317) Nakanihon Air Service (Japan)
 Boeing 737-54K JA307K (c/n 29795) ANA Wings (Japan)
 Boeing 767-346 JA8987 (c/n 28553) JAL Japan Airlines (Japan)
 Boeing 767-381(ER) JA616A (c/n 35876) ANA All Nippon Airways (Japan)
 Bombardier CRJ-702ER JA05RJ (c/n 10279) Ibex Airlines (Japan)
  Boeing 737-881(WL) JA52AN (c/n 33887) ANA All Nippon Airways (Japan)

  Embraer ERJ-175STD JA07FJ (c/n 17000526) FDA Fuji Dream Airlines (Japan) "Matsumoto - Alps Mountain View" logo
Japan: Chitose
 Airbus A310-222 HS-JXB (c/n 419) PC Air Asia (Thailand)
  Bombardier DHC-8-402Q Dash 8 JA845A (c/n 4096) ANA Wings (Japan) 
 Boeing 777-281 JA706A (c/n 27036) ANA All Nippon Airways (Japan)
 Boeing 777-212(ER) HS-XBB (c/n 28522) NokScoot (Thailand)
 Boeing 737-781(WL) JA07AN (c/n 33900) Hokkaido International Airlines - Air Do (Japan)
 Airbus A320-214 B-6922 (c/n 35876) Juneyao Airlines (People's republic of China)
  Boeing 777-289 JA008D (c/n 27640) JAL Japan Airlines (Japan)
 Boeing 777-36N(ER) B-18055 (c/n 41823) China Airlines (Taiwan - Republic of China)
 Airbus A330-302 B-16333 (c/n 1273) EvaAir (Taiwan - Republic of China) "Hello Kitty - Sanrio Characters" livery
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