Text & Pictures: Serge Van Heertum - Translation: Marc Arys
sbap 2019

2019 was the 50th anniversary of the commissioning of the elegant training aircraft from the Italian boot and designed by the genius Stelio Frati.
To go through the history in pictures, we proposed our readers a summary of his career in Belgium, page that you can find here:
Stelio Frati Baby...50 Years in Belgium

The end of the season was also the occasion to organize an event at Beauvechain airbase, home of the "Agile Penguin" since 1996. The F-16 solo display and the Agusta A109BA welcomed this end of the season and celebrated the Marchetti's jubilee in their own way.
As Marchetti is synonymous with the "Red Devils", our four devils offered us the final flair.
Night falls on the year 2019, but also on the festivities of the valiant 50 year-old aircraft which has trained an incredible number of drivers throughout these 50 years.
To close this year, we have chosen to immortalize the always dashing little plane in his evening suit and at nightfall, once again, a period of his long life in the Air Force goes by, but she will see more before she leaves the ranks.

 F-16AM solo display with the special D-Day stripes (FA-57)
 Agusta A109BA display
 The Siai-Marchetti ambassadors: N1 "Jean" N2 "Meel"
 N3 "Al" N4 "Papy"
 The "Red Devils" are our international Ambassadors
 Box looping Clover leaf in the autumn sun
 Like the shepherd's star He embodies the devil, but they are angels
 Team spirit and management support, the key of success
 Night falls on the Devils den Some light effects at the arrival of the night

 The news has fallen: the "Red Devils" will perform the year 2020 to the delight of their fan and the airshow audience ...
The night wrapped Beauvechain airbase, the year 2019 ends, this closes the festivities of the discreet "Agile Penguin"

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