Text: Serge Van Heertum - Translation: Marc Arys
Pictures: Serge Van Heertum "Tweety", Anthony Graulus "Fulcrum", Serge van Oosterzee "Wall-E"
© sbap 2019

In the year of grace 2018, an airplane that was forced to leave his small country by a fault of the authorities of this Kingdom, returned among his people for the greatest happiness of all those who worship the "Delta God".
You will have understood it, it is the Mirage BD09 which returned to the disused base of Brustem and for which we had created a page with the history and which we invite you to see again: 
Delta Back Home
Since this event, thanks to its sponsor and a handful of enthusiasts, the BD09 project has come to life and has evolved considerably.
So various events marked the year 2019 around the fabulous "Delta" superbly restored but still "in its juice", including photo sessions during the day, in the evening or at night.
The Mirage, like a 'Pin Up', fell prey to the photographic lenses and like all these feminine beauties (Pin Up), the metal bird was captured from all sides and in all possible ways giving extraordinary shots. We invite you to admire these pictures.
But this small dynamic group offers other things surrounding this mythical plane. Among other things you can enjoy "Flight Sensation" sessions, which, thanks to the evolution of computer technology, allow you to make a virtual flight in formation with the friends of the squadron. In short, a unique opportunity to experience a mission in the 70's and 80's when the cold war was coming to an end, but was still relevant. If you are interested in these events, go to the end of the page to find their contact information's.
Now is the time to admire " Mirage BéDé " in all its states and to thank the team for its warm and friendly welcome as real Belgian Air Force minded people are !

***** "Tweety" *****
 The 8 Squadron "Blue Cocotte" The 2 Squadron "Comet"
 October 26th, the autumn picture session

 December 21st, winter picture session
 Back to Bierset Airbase in the late 80's
 Under the protective eye of the shepherd's star
***** "Fulcrum" *****
 December 21st, winter picture session
 between daylight... ...and evening light
***** "Wall-E" *****
 December 21st, winter picture session
 Open... ...closed
***** "BD09 Team" *****

  Members of the BD09 restauration team:
Jack Waldeyer "CO"
Marcel "Celle" De Petter
Jean-Claude "JC" Wayet - Marc "Kikeboe" Schraepen
Patrick "Pat" Bouclans - Hervé "RV"Campsteyn
Jean Marie Van Langeveld - Claude Mozin
 You can be a member of this association or reserve a virtual flight...Don't hesitate to contact them!
just click on one of the left picture to contact them via Facebook or on the right one to sent a Email

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