Text: Serge Van Heertum - Translation: Marc Arys - © sbap 2019
Pictures: Serge Van Heertum, Anthony Graulus, Patrick Brouckaert, Bruno Ghils, Philippe Decock & Jacques Vincent

 The logo / patch and a general view of the 2019 event

The RIAT or Royal International Air Tatoo remains the largest airshow on the European continent and the 2019 edition has not altered the reputation it has earned over the years. As usual, the event was spread over 5 days, on Thursday for most of the arrivals, on Friday for the last arrivals and the rehearsals under a very present rain bringing some demonstration being cancelled. Saturday and Sunday were devoted to the air show itself with its share of unique moments making these two days different and of course interesting. Finally, to conclude after a sunny Saturday and a much greyer Sunday, we had the departures on Monday.
Monday still remains one of the most popular days because all the planes, we mean all the planes, are leaving Fairford airbase to return to their units. Therefore the Monday is a real a festival, a delight for all aeronautical photographers.
Once again the event brought together participants from all over the world, from Canada to Jordan via Finland, from Pakistan to Ukraine via the United States and very much more, in short, enough to enjoy the miles of tarmac of the static exhibition.
On the demonstration side, the sure values were mixed with rarities or really special formations. We had the "Frecce Tricolori", who won the trophy for the best aerobatic team or the demonstration of the Swedish Grippen, who took away the coveted RIAT Trophy, filled the skies of Fairford alongside Romanian Mig-21MF, Spanish AV-8B Matador, Boeing 747 in old BOAC colours, escorted by the British team or the double formation "Patrouille de France", "Red Arrows" paying a thrilling tribute to the Concorde anniversary.
No need to further develop these five days of aeronautical festivities, the pictures speak for themselves and, to offer you a complete overview, each photographer of the SBAP team selected his pictures and favorites.
So here's what it looks like, and while we are awaiting the 2020 edition, we wish you all a pleasant return to Fairford and the RIAT 2019.

***** "Tweety" *****
D-Day Duo
Face to face with the Grizzly Wet spirals
 Typhoon flash Stuffed like a Chinook
 Engraved tail Spartan brothers
 High rate turn High laminated stab
 Old "Buff" Swiss elegancy Pilatus PC-24
 A Firebird from Northrop Grumman Desert Spit
 The hidden side Hot Shot
 Slow Lightning
 Some weird shapes Stealth? ... follow the lines
 Opendoor The sun plays with lightning
 Smoke landing Finnish Vortex
The Red Arrows parade
 Red is Red Who goes where?
 "Jumbo" Reds!
 When English and French celebrate "Concorde" That's take off!
 Swedish upper side The 2019 RIAT trophy winners...Congrats guys!
Just for Greta 
2019  best aerobatic team winners Tactical break

 Iridescent afterburner Sunny games and drag chute
 The new SAR policy in UK... ...and with really good equipments
Italian rotary wings
 The modern training on Brazilian way... ...or on American way
Golden 60's aicraft for modern duty 
 The basic training on his German way Navy Hawk...like a Lightning
A Lynx in the bush Like a Tornado
 In general, typhoons arrive very quickly
Voyager lift off Proud like an eagle
Athos trio 
Denmark high viz Norvegian D-Day tribute
Hi Manfred Pakish low viz style
Turkish Phantom high viz tail part 1...  ...and part 2
Jordanian aerobatic quatuor 
 The old wave US cockades we like... Qatari Globemaster
The first RIAT 2019 star: Romania Air Force MiG-21MF-75 Lancer C from Escadrila 861 Aviatie Lupta (Baza 86 Aeriana)

The second RIAT 2019 star: Spanish Navy McDonnell Douglas EAV-8B Matador II+ from Eslla 009 (Arma Aeréa de la Armada)
 Runway cleaned Boss!
 The support aircraft : cessna 550 Citation II (U.20-2)
 "Vador" was also one of the weekend star Green eyes
SBAP tribute to the 50 anniversary of the moon landing "Boucac" on duty
Nose down Apache friend
Ukraine demo Luke Skywalker Patch alot
A place to be!
A little part of the event visitors All is under control
The other side camping
King Cole... V1...V2...VR?
English way of working Italian  way of working
Low Viz... High Viz
The pleasant photographer platform... ... and the cruel lack of "savoir vivre" coming from the continent
***** "Patairforce" *****
Ukraine Heavy Lift 

Aviation is a fair Hey, did you not forgot anything behind?

 Sir...yes Sir! Big KLU and little RAF
Barksdale "Buff" 
First flight 67 years ago...waouw!  Great flaps
 60 years of service... ...70 years NATO
Both Turkish specials for the occasion 
 Lossiemouth 9 Squadron and his travel panel Camcopter 100
 Royal Danish Air Force EH-101... ...best crew challenge RIAT 2019. Congrats to the team
 Pakistan souvenirs German covers
 Flap Flap Flap...and the winner is...

Ukraine Glass Nose (not glasnost)  Like a ballet of Vasyl Barvinsky
Twins dargchute Back to the Mother Patry
"Reds" trio 
Double apache roll  Rend the smokes
 Pandion haliaetus twin rotor On the other side of the iron curtain
Night bomber against Germany 

 Spanish delight A couple of stars
 Preparing for the Monday departure Pink cross servicing
Full loaded to join "Juan Carlos" Italian design with Appolo XI logo
 The winner crew leave Air Observation Post
Coast Guard...  ...replace the former RAF SAR
Hercules of Jordania 
***** "Fulcrum" *****
In the Sukhoi wash 
 Wet landing The other side of the winner
 Totem: Agile Mastodon Grizzly on approach
Beware of his sting A big Osprey bird
 D-Day tribute on his Belgian way

 In trio with demo
 Belgian salute
 Dynamic Frecce Pull up
Through the tunnel Final break
 Hello guy's
 Typhoon break Lossiemouth Bat
 The Blades near couple of big blades Hornet from Finland
 Another star : Ukraine Air Force Su-27 from 831 Guards Tactical Aviation Brigade (831 BrTA) Myrhorod Air Base
 The support aircraft : Ilyushin Il-76MD
Follow the shadow 
 Bright colours on grey sky Concorde forever
 The past memories Red touch
 The matador arrives in the arena
 Different from P.1127 Little bit power...
 Big wash... Summer shower
 Lancer launched
 With... ...and without
 Romenian English pass Landing of a star
 Romenian colours The Lancer duo of the RIAT 2019
 Royal Jordanian Hercules Aurora in the afternoon
 Big Sikorsky Like a god of the sea
 Bye Sir T-6 but not the first one
Laage Typhoon  Von Richtofen is still alive ... in the minds
 800th anniversary of the Danish flag 331 Norwegian Sqn in the RAF (Code FN)
 A powerful Diavoli Take off heading Mildenhall
The main theme of the RIAT: 70 years of NATO. But a little bit unnoticed ...
***** "GeeBee" *****
 That's where it's good to be a passenger
 Norwegian B model Danish Flag ship
 Old but quite elegant Good old solid material
He looks smiling Massive and powerful like a Sukhoi
 Belgian stripes heart stroke
  We always need a smaller one than either
 So far so good...but no more on Sunday Pandion haliaetus profile
 Roaaaaar...strange sound for a Hornet Short acrobatic final
 Italian QGO Simply nice
 The 70 years NATO flypass: Danemark...France...Germany ...Norway...Belgium...Netherland...United States...
 ...and United Kingdom In total 4 Typhoons, 4 F-16's, 1 KC-135 and 3 F-15E
 Tribute is over Little advertisement for the dealer
 Upright like a "I" Smoke test
 When the reds turn blue...
 ...or red This will remain a great moment
 What a size difference...
 Definitely one of the weekend star
 Deep blue underside Like it was during the Cold Wr
 Because I was inverted... Final touch
 And the other stars It heats a little bit around the VSTOL
 Majestic as a king of Spain Not easy to watch the matador right in the eyes
***** "Boucac" *****
 Hi from Romania
 Swedish Beauty Center BRDM-2 R-1A Scout Car...the Cold War is not over?
 Anti-terror patrols did their job well Little muffler because it's chilly at night
 Il Maestro Ciao a tutti
 Finnish power... ...and vortex
 Italian panache
 She will not be happy Greta… …certainly not!
 Adrenaline Crossing Bright colours
 Perfect formation landing
 Flanker face Saturn power
Pixels from pixels The underside of the beast
 Hot...really hot!  A little bit rubber on the runway
 Smoking Deadalus Pilots are here incognito…
 Merlin Symphony Roy Chadwick bird
 Because I was also inverted A ballet set like a clock
 Being in his line of sight is not the best thing BAF Demo
 Eye to eye Othe Swiss support
 The number eleven for the squadron eleven
 Swiss performances The Tiger is back
 Vânatoarea de moda româneasca
 Larga vida al Matador de la Armada Española
 Gooooooood morning Vietnam part 1  Gooooooood morning Vietnam part 2
 The large balcony The hostess will not have easy with this passenger
 Charming Voyager Pianosa Courier
 German navy pulls out its claws Big machine isn't it?
 Hercules and the Spartan Giant (submarine) hunter of Greek mythology
 Really special painting Ready for take off
 Flying Flag Tarmac and taxi are non smoking zone Sir!
 Hungary moved to the Airbus era Swiss made vortex
 "Buff" back to base
***** "Viny" *****
 In the eye of the Typhoon
 High power take off G's festival
 Some more G's High speed pull up
 Low pass with a piece less
 Boss of the 480 FS will not be happy Safe landing

 Wet turn Finnish acrobatic figures

 Spartan quatuor: Italy - Slovakia - Romenia - Lithuania
 Lancer and Hornet The old hunter still has beautiful remains
Збройні сили України
Ukrainian Armed Forces
 Thick and massive Find the mistake
 Check six The Marine National and the Brazilian style
 Voyager Impressive hunting board
 The door! There are drafts! This machine impressed all photographers
 Hot as a Typhoon The winners return to the fold
 Aurora go to Canada
 Rotor antilopinae The way to extend
 Well "armed" the sentinel
 When the Texan... ...so Perfect...
 ...takes the Tucano place
 Pilatus for QinetiQ Phenom for Phenomenon
 Bye Leonardo Luftwaffe duo
 Fast and furious: the race! Grey Eagle, the D-Day trio was in the US...clearly sad!
 Flanker 1 and Flanker 2
 Back home
 The Phantom will be soon a Ghost Like a big smile
 Back to Odiham... ...and Lossiemouth
 "Humored Proof"...why not? Far far away of the low visibility concept
 Qatar Amiri Flight... ...this a Military Airlifter !
 Globmaster III in US service... ...and one operated by the SAC (Strategic Airlift Capability)
 A long green giant to conclude

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