Text: Alain Debras - Pictures: CC Air 1st Wing - Tranlation: Marc Arys
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Wings parade of the last promotion student-pilots trained at Cazaux. After 14 years of a French- Belgian cooperation, Belgium decided to discontinue the use of its Alpha Jets. The next promotion are (will) be trained in the USA within the ENJJPT (Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training) at Sheppard airbase, Texas.

However collaboration with the French Air Force will continue in training the pilots intended for Transport (on the Xingu at Avord) and Helicopter (on EC 120 Colibri at Dax).

This ceremony gathered 8 pilots:

- A Cdt Avi, who conversed from Transport to Fighter
- Two French Capt Avi intended to fly on Rafale
- Four Lt Avi RMS (1 Pol and 3 SSMW) of which three as a fighter (F16) and 1 Helicopter
- One Adjt Avi to fly on Helicopter

The French pilots will wear a metallic wing above the left pocket (in addition to the French patch on the right pocket).

The ceremony was held under the command of Gen Maj Avi Frederic Vansina, Commander of the Belgian Air Force and Gen of Air Brig Moritz, representing the French Air Force.

SBAP would like to thanks the Adjt Tanguy Rollin – PR CC Air for the help and photographic material.

Title picture: 
The graduate in company of Col Vl BEM Patrick GOOSSENS (Cdt CC Air), Gen Maj Vl BEM Frederik VANSINA and Gen de Brigade Aérienne Philippe MORITZ

Down picture: The Belgian and French graduates 2018

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