Text: Serge Van Heertum - Translation: Marc Arys
Pictures: Serge Van Heertum, Philippe Huberlant, Pierre Taquet & Bruno Ghils
© sbap 2018

For its Military Pageant, the Shuttleworth Collection had once again set up a tantalizing program. After a morning well filled between the English breakfast, exhibitions and intensive shopping, time had come to get on to the action.
The show as opened by the new Republic P-47D "Nellie" which filled the skies with its roar in its shimmering bare metal scheme. Followed by a florilegium of warbirds of the Second World War with the Lysander, Gladiator, Hurricane, the superb freshly restored Spitfire Mk Vc and much more, which wrote the historical pages of this conflict. One has to emphasize on the presentation of the Lancaster of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) which becomes a regular visitor at Old Warden, and offered some splendid "passes à l'anglaise" for the greatest joy of the photographers.
But the Military Pageant 2018 had above all a connotation focused on the Great War, the famous "Der des Der" (the ultimate one), which ended 100 years ago and unfortunately, was not the last one.
To emphasize on this part of our contemporary history, which gave an incredible technological boost to aviation, all the Collection's aircraft dating from this period, were taken out of their hangars to let them take to the blue skies during this beautiful summery afternoon.

To commemorate this period also, other owners were invited to participate to the event and that is why we could admire the Nieuport 17, Fokker DR.1, Bristol Scout and the inescapable "Great Ward Display Team".
In short, 100 years back to the past, in memory of those who gave their live for freedom be it in the air, on the sea or just on the ground. The final bouquet was the drop of the well-known poppies by the Collection's Bristol F.2B.
To present you this marvelous airshow, filled with flying machines, preserved with love and full of emotions, we decided not to give you a chronological overview, but just to propose a best of show of all the collaborators present at Old Warden. We hope these few lines will make you willing to visit the team of the Shuttelworth Collection.
Our thanks to Mrs Ciara Harper, Media Manager, for her usual and warmly welcome allowing us to give you this wonderful report from the mythical grounds of Old Warden. One word, or better, one phrase before moving on to the pictures… for those who were there…
Lest We Forget !

Final and emotions...  (Shuttleworth DR)
Best of show...by Serge Van Heertum
"No enemy plane will fly over the Reich territory"... Are you sure?
 Under the RAF roundel Dove axis
 Full metal skin Spandau ballet
 Wood and canvas The phlegm of the dog
 Pilot on the wing Check six!
 Achtung Spitfire Pure elegance
 The Great War
Fast transport  Bomber skin
When the glider meets the jet Dawn mission
 "Lafayette" Above Flanders field
 Fighter in the sun Somewhere in 1940
 Flying student...First stage... ...and second stage
Best of show...by Philippe Huberlant
 Open door
 Mercury in the morning Waiting the pilot
 Between the war Exhaust
 Last boarding call Basic training
 Thunderboldt in the sun In the sky arena
 The sailor and the fisherman Winner Gladiator
 Tactical break S.O.E mission
 A sailor in the grass Pilot forever
Spitfire Pilot Biplane in turmoil
 Air speed... Beautiful bay window
 Bomber Harris When the Hurricane meet the Sea Hurricane
 After the combat One of the few
 World War II... ...or World War One...Same goal: our liberty
Best of show...by Pierre Taquet
 Speed Baron
 Escort boy Watch out for the Demon
 Elegance and power The signature of Reginald Mitchell
 Departure for the front First training
 Wasp waist, the woman dream Facing death
 The triplane Like a sweet dove
 In the air and not in the desert It's time to return to his lines
 Objective Berlin Funny bird
From RFC to RAF The other triplane
 Mission departure Design evolution
 "Hurries" duo The sea in the air
 Above the channel Flag flight
 Light as a feather Playing with the wind
Best of show...by Bruno Ghils
 British excellence Derived from a fighter
 Anthony's imagination Sydney Cam instinct
 The warrior in the meadow More a Moth as a Tiger
 Under the summer sun Take off
 The demon with two wings Facing his ancestor
 Fighter escort In the combat trails
 Shuttleworth Dixie land Hit in combat
 Victory bomber A kind of pathfinder
 Eliptic wing The Scout Experimental n°5
 Nieuport the French fighter The baron's plane
 Upside down Air skating
 Captain Hook Hurricane in the sun

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