Text & Pictures: Serge Van Heertum  - Translation: Marc Arys     sbap 2018
By all odds, Brustem airbase is reliving... On April 22nd, hangar 41 was again in effervescence, but this time with the presentation of a new book.
This book was written by Hendrik Schoebrechts, vice-president of the historical museum of Brustem airbase, located in the city of Sint-Truiden. But what is this book all about? This book traces back the life of Paul Van Essche, long time pilot at Brustem and member of the "Red Devils" during the Fouga Magister era. There was no better location than Brustem, to present us this book, and top of the bill, the Fouga Magister MT-5, based at Antwerpen-Deurne airport, landed some moments before the presentation. Bringing back memories to when the base was the den of the team. This was a wonderful salute to Paul Van Essche, who flew the MT-5 during the 1967 season.
The Fouga arrival was followed by the official presentation of the book, with the first example being handed over to Paul's widow. Emotions where very much present for Jeanine, but also for the two daughters of Paul and all the family members who came over to Brustem on this occasion.
After an emotional speech of daughter Nathalie and the authorities of the city of Brustem, it was time for the friendship's toast and "noblesse oblige" the traditional autograph session by the author.
Around 8 PM, Chris Van Den Berghe and his crew chief took off with the Fouga Magister, giving us once again the typical whistling sound, which resounded so many times overhead...
A successful presentation of a book which every "Red Devils" fan should be having in its bookshelve.
Many thanks to Hendrik for the kind invitation to this top "Red Devils" event.
At the bottom of the page you will find all the information needed to order this book.
 Paul Van Essche Red Devils flying equipment There was a little historical exhibition
 The 1969 team leaded by Paul The "Red Devils" in action
 Arrival of the MT 5 from Antwerpen-Deurne The MT 5 was Paul's aircraft in 1967
 Hendrik offering the first book sample to Paul's widow Janine A little word by one of Paul's daughter
 A special present to the two daughter: a model of the MT-15... ...this was Paul's aircraft as leader
 Autograph session for Hendrik The splendid logo on the book cover
 Around the MT 5...
 Janine and Bart the rear nephew by mariage Janine, Paul's daughters Anneke & Nathalie and Bart
 Departure of the MT 5... ..."Chris" will going back to Antwerpen-Deurne

 Are you interested in the "Red Devils" history? Than you need this book in your bookshelve...
You can order it via the indicated Email address...
Attention there are still 300 samples available and the book is in Dutch language only.
Enjoy reading and support this wonderful historical work.
Well done Hendrik!

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