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Being at home in Marchin, it was around 13:30L when my attention was drawn by an helicopter noise rather close from my house. Looking outside, I saw not far away a chopper starting its descent towards a small field along a road in front of an housing area. I immediately graped my camera and proceeded to the site, 500m away.
Arriving close to the landing place, I recognized the " Angel " , the brand new EC-145 T2 of the well known " Centre Médical Héliporté " located at Bra-sur-Lienne.
Nobody was walking around, so I had plenty of time to make pictures of interesting features and details of this marvelous flying machine.
After a while the pilot came and I had the chance to have a chat with him.
He is not in fact dedicated to the CMH but was making a replacement, usually operating on the same aircraft and for the same missions and operator from Lilles or Arras. He is a former heli pilot of the French Aeronavale where he spent some times on aircraft carrier, flying among others on Dauphin. He went then, always as heli pilot to the " Gendarmerie Nationale " for a few years. He is of course highly experienced having the full IFR single pilot qualification on helicopter.
He told me that this new EC-145 T2 is almost the top of the art as far as heli technology is concerned, perfectly equipped with an auto-pilot on 3 axis, just missing the 4th axis acting on the collective pitch.
I would have spent the afternoon talking with this nice guy but the 2 other crew members of the team, the doctor and the emergency nurse arrived while their patient was taking to the hospital by ambulance.
It took only a couple of minutes before the helicopter was airborne again, back to his base, ready for another mission. I would have been pleased to accompany them on their way back !
Last but not least, I wish to thank the pilot for his kindness and accessibility and I encourage everybody to support the missions of the CMH.

 Arrived at Marchin for an emergency evacuation The indisputable advantage of the helicopter: landing almost anywhere
 The new helicopter of the CMH The rear double door for stretchers loading
 Emergency number: the number to remember The main rotor
 The anti-torque rotor Other view of the anti-torque rotor with the position and NAV lights
 Front landing light The strong power search light
 The upper cable cut system... ...and the lower one
 Pitot tube Engine exhaust
This helicopter have really a good Samaritan look

EC-145 T2 c/n 9426 OO-NSM Technical data's:

Builder: Airbus Helicopters
Model: EC145 T2
ICAO-Type: EC45
Engine: 2 x Turbomeca Arriel 1E2 Turboshaft 738 shp
Capacity: 2 Crew & 9 Pax (in non Medevac version)
Empty weight (kg): 1792
Max weight (kg): 3585
Maximum Speed (km/u): 268
Cruising Speed (km/u): 246
Length (m): 13.03
Height (m): 3.45
Rotor diameter (m): 11

 The full glass cockpit
 The dashboard with the center pedestal The overhead panel
 The cargo bay fully equipped for medical evacuations Waiting the patient
 The crew is back, no evacuation this time The pilot is a former French Navy member
 A couple of minutes is enought to get the helicopter airborne again Leaving the village of Marchin
 Mission accomplished, go for the next one Heading to Bra-sur-Lienne
EC145 c/n 9426 History

The 9426 was built in 2011 and delivered to Transportes Aereos Pegaso in Mexico as XA-UPU. The helicopter was flying for this company until 2016 when he was bought by the Milestone Aviation Asset Holding Group and becamme the G-CJMM. On January 10th, 2017 the G-CJMM moved to Germany to ADAC Luftfahrt Technik located near Bonn for storage. In October 2017 the 9426 was bough by the Belgian company NVH (Noordzee Helicopters Vlanderen) based at Oostende Airport. The helicopter became the OO-NSM and is now leased at the CMH (Centre Médical Héliporté) based at Bra-sur-Lienne.

 Transportes Aereos Pegaso in Mexico as XA-UPU
(coll Denis Eusicom)
The G-CJMM moved to Germany to ADAC Luftfahrt Technik
(coll Denis Eusicom)
Don't hesitate to have a look on the website of the CMH (just click on the logo)
Even if it is not desirable, it might save once your live !

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