Text: Serge Van Heertum - Pictures: As mentioned - Translation: Marc Arys   © sbap 2018

Every year, the SBAP contributors meet for the friendship drink, marking the transition from the past year to the new one.
This time the festivities took place at the Deurne-Antwerpen Airport.
First, the friendship glass was raised at the BelAir tavern (which we warmly recommend) in presence of our team members, but also some invited guests. General-Major F. Vansina, who could not personally be present, had delegated ADC Philippe Van Huyck from ComOpsAir IPR. We also invited our ambassadors and long term friends from the "Red Devils" team, together with Mr. Philippe Saeys of SN Brussels Airlines.
After , everyone was treated with a delicious standing buffet, concocted by the "Chef" of the tavern, because aeronautical discussions cannot be held with an empty stomach.
Afterwards, the team and guests went to the Stampe and Vertongen Museum, who also did their best to make our visit worthwhile (many thanks to Danny Cabooter and the Museum team).
Last but not least, our friend and collaborator Jef Pets who honoured us as our guide in this museum, which over time became his second residence.
In short, this day was once again an opportunity for all to meet in a friendly atmosphere, to share our passion before the start of the new season and to pose for the souvenir picture of the team. Bye bye 2017 ... Go for 2018 ...

 All together at Deurne-Antwerpen Airport (Serge Van Heertum©)
 The cosy BelAir tavern (Serge Van Heertum©) Drink and eat in the aviation world (Serge Van Heertum©)
 Aperitivo...  (Serge Van Heertum©) The boss's speech (nobody fell asleep…yessss :-) (Pierre Taquet©)
Time for a meal  (Danny Carels©) Our leitmotiv...conviviality  (Danny Carels©)
 (Serge Van Heertum©) (Serge Van Heertum©)
 (Serge Van Heertum©) (Serge Van Heertum©)
 Starting the Museum visit (Serge Van Heertum©) A view of the flying collection in the hangar  (Serge Van Heertum©)
 Our  second guide  (Pierre Taquet©) (Pierre Taquet©)
 (Danny Carels©) Jef in his element!  (Danny Carels©)
 (Serge Van Heertum©) A view of the Museum  (Serge Van Heertum©)
 ADC Philippe Van Huyck in name of General-Major F. Vansina
(Bruno Ghils©)
A stop to the Museum shop was imperative
(Pierre Taquet©)
 Paul found "his" Fouga back  (Pierre Taquet©) It's like cycling, it's not forgotten  (Yves Duwelz©)
 Happy Paul?  (Jacques Vincent©) A first flight together and fifteen years of friendship after  (Bruno Ghils©)
 From souvenir to souvenir...  (Pierre Taquet©) A backseat for our "Admin"  (Jacques Vincent©)
 "Tomcatter" tasting the pilot seat  (Pierre Taquet©) Many thanks Jef for your guidance in the Museum  (Yves Duwelz©)
 "Turbo"  (Bruno Ghils©) "Booly"  (Serge Van Heertum©)
 One of our guest "Laurent" (Serge Van Heertum©) "Fifi" and "Paul"...always "Devils" minded  (Jacques Vincent©)
 All together for posterity... We wishes a splendid 2018 season to all our readers    (Museum member courtesy©)

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