Text: Serge Van Heertum - Pictures: Serge Van Heertum & Mil.Be (Bart R. - Vador) - Translation: Marc Arys   sbap 2017
At the beginning of August, an invitation was sent from Kleine Brogel airbase to give the press the opportunity to immortalize four of its aircraft wearing special liveries.
Indeed, the four aircraft were gathered on the maintenance apron for the family picture with the Solo Display, flown by "Gizmo", the F-16BM for the 30 years of the OCU presence in Kleine Brogel, the F-16AM from 349 Squadron wearing proudly the decoration for their 75 years and at last the F-16AM "Tiger" 2017, which, let us not forget, once again won the "Silver Trophy".
In short, everything was present for great and interesting pictures, apart from the grey and dull weather, becoming rainy as well, once the photographers started to shoot those beautiful metallic birds.
Sadly, weather remain an uncontrollable element, but let us not hump this opportunity which, in a couple of weeks, will be part of history, when these aircraft will go into maintenance and be painted again in their grey operational outfit or when our national representative "Gizmo" will hand over his job to his successor, having come to the end of his third and last display season.
So, here you have a photographic mix of these four "Musketeers" of the 10th Tactical Wing, together posing for posterity, but also some air-air pictures to better illustrate this page, thanks to the support of the Air Component.
SBAP wishes to thank heartily Julien S., who lies behind this much appreciated initiative, the authorities of Kleine Brogel airbase for welcoming us and the ComOpsAir IPR team for their support on site during the event.
The four "Musketeers" toegether for posterity
Lockheed-Martin F-16AM  (FA-123)  (c/n 89-0001)  "Blizzard" Solo Display "Gizmo" 2015-2017
(Courtesy Mil.be / Bart R.) (Courtesy Mil.be / Bart R.)
Lockheed-Martin F-16BM  (FB-24)  (c/n 89-0012)  30 years OCU Kleine Brogel "Semper Vulture"
(Courtesy Mil.be / Bart R.) (Courtesy Mil.be / Bart R.)
Lockheed-Martin F-16AM  (FA-70)  (c/n 80-3561)  75 year 349 Sqn "Strike Home, Strike Hard"
(Courtesy Mil.be / Vador) (Courtesy Mil.be / Vador)
Lockheed-Martin F-16AM  (FA-94)  (c/n 80-3585)  31 Sqn Tiger Meet 2017 "In Sanguine Vinum"
(Courtesy NTA via Mil.be) (Courtesy NTA via Mil.be)

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