Text & Pictures: Serge Van Heertum - Translation: Marc Arys    © sbap 2017

In Belgium there is a kind of "clan", dedicated to the "Miragist". You'll ask me: What is this "Miragist"... Well these are personnel from the Belgian Air Force having flown and worked on the delta winged airplane of the late Mr Marcel Dassault, the Mirage V and also passionate people who became member of this association.
All these members kept an undiluted pride having run alongside, one way or another, this aircraft which equipped the Air Force from 1970 till 1992.
Every year the "Miragists" or simply enthusiasts of this aircraft gather for the Mirage Day, generally held at the Technical School at Saffraanberg, calling back to mind the wonderful delta years.
But this year, the gathering of these oldies had also a particular note in it, being the publication of the eagerly awaited book on this superb aircraft within our Air Force, brought together by several members and enthusiasts under the leadership of the master Marcel "Celle" Depetter.
For this happening, Mirage BA17, preserved at the Technical School, was towed into the event's hangar, surrounded by various photographic exhibitions and models.
Once the guests present, General (Rtd) Michel Audrit, gave the welcome speech and announced the advent of the long awaited book or should I say bible... A drone (yes, yes, the "Miragists" are certainly futurists) brought the first copy of this success, counting no less than 400 pages, onto the stage. Followed by the handover of souvenirs and gifts, the friendships drink (very necessary due the high temperatures). The official part of this festive day was concluded by some passes of 3 F-16AM from Kleine Brogel and a fly-past of the "Red Devils".
Afterwards, every guest had the opportunity to get his copy of the book and reunite with his former squadron chaps. For me it was again the opportunity to see "Celle", "Paul, "Cis", "Kéké", "Jack" and many more, whom I had the chance to know during the wonderful Mirage V years at Bierset airbase and the mythical "Delta Blue" in particular.
This memorable day together with the book will stay the final achievement on the Mirage in Belgium and I am very happy to say that SBAP contributed a little by opening its archives...
In short, a great team effort for an even so great success story. This book is a mandatory item for the bookshelf of every Belgian Air Force passionate and if some of our readers still do not have a copy of the book, they can order it through: 
So let us have a look at some images of this day we definitely could call "Delta Forever"...

 The preserved BA 17
 Some superb models: Mirage V BD "MIRSIP" The BA 27
 A Mirage V dashboard
 The BA 17 with a Martin-Bakker Mk.10 ejection seat and a stick
 The book, the bible...
 The team is ready for the book distribution "Cis", "Guido" and "Jack"
 "Paul"...an happy former Mirage pilot "Celle" and his support team

 The speech of General er Michel Audrit with a picture of Prince Philippe General Audrit and "Celle" a little bit serious
 Drone delivery... ...the book has landed!
 A bible of more than 400 pages The Major Wilmet and "Celle"
Handover of souvenirs Emotion with daughter of Marie-Jeanne Boulard
 A special gift for "Celle" the master of the prject The good old time
 Friendness and frech drinks...
  Outside for the Fly passes
 The F-16's from Kleine Brogel
  And the "Red Devils" from Beauvechain to salute the "Miragist"

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