Text: Serge Van Heertum - Pictures: Jacques Vincent - Translation: David Niemegeerts   sbap 2017

England 1942, by initiative of Colonel Eddy Blondeel, the Belgian Independent Paratrooper Company was created. This unit, formed of men who had been trained in all exercises of war, was at that time placed under the British High Command. Their qualities and discretion earned them the exceptional status of "SAS" (Special Air Service) in 1944. This nomination, and the exceptional qualities of this elite group, led them to the forefront of the fighting, first in France and then in Belgium, where they were the first Belgian soldiers to set foot on national soil in August 1944. At the end of the Second World War, their cohesion, independence of initiative, and unit pride have led them victoriously to the four corners of the earth for 75 years. "Who dares, wins" is their motto. At the end of the war, the Belgian SAS became the "Paratroop Regiment" and then underwent various transformations to become the current "Special Forces Group".
The Belgian Special Forces celebrated the 75th anniversary of the creation of the SAS unit in the prestigious Chateau de Beloeil, under the auspices of Prince Michel de Ligne, owner of the premises, and himself a former paratrooper, and Colonel Descheemaeker, commander of the "Light Brigade".
The anniversary day began with a speech by Colonel Descheemaeker. Afterwards there was a demonstration of the special forces currently stationed at the Heverlee barracks. Arriving aboard two helicopters of the Air Component (Agusta A109 and NH90 TTH), the SAS gave a demonstration of an intervention, starting by fast-roping from the NH90, setting up surveillance of the action zone by a shooter in the Agusta, an intervention using a heavily armed vehicle and finally a simultaneous intervention of the divers. The goal of this action was to stop a convoy and arrest a High Value Target. The scenario of the demonstration was reminiscent of the anti-terrorist interventions that we can see every day in the media, also highlighting the adaptation to all styles of conflict. This demonstration underlined the capacity to adapt to all different modes of intervention of this elite unit, which must remain discreet given the circumstances they operate under.
At the end of this demonstration, a book retracing 75 years of SAS activities was officially presented. This work has been edited to 1,700 copies. Consisting of some 400 pages, this one is richly illustrated. Moreover, the book is dedicated by King Philippe, having obtained himself, his license of paratrooper. After the presentation of this book, a commemorative plate was unveiled at the assembly, and a reception gathered the many guests who had the opportunity to discover the equipment (vehicles, Armament ...) in the courtyards and alleys of the castle, used today by the men of the Special Forces Group.

 The prestigious Chateau de Beloeil All the paratroopers associations of the country were present
 A ceremony in a beautiful setting The flags parade
 Ready for the remembrance Some musical souvenir from Scotland
 Salute for the National anthem Howitzer 105mm shooting to remember the lost friends
Capacities Demonstration
 The Agusta with the Special Forces Group sniper securise the area Arrival of the NH90 TTH with the intervention troops
 Fast-Roping Troops are now in the operation zone
 NH90 TTH evacuate the sensitive zone NH90 TTH a very good transport vector
The sniper cover the buddies on the ground Intervention to stop the convoy
 The A109 monitors the area The suspects are neutralized
 The NH90 TTH is back 
 Landing in a safe area The High Value Target is taken
 All under the control of the cargomaster The suspect is evacuated
 Intervention of a Special Forces Unimog Redux Another suspect car is stopped
 Aquatic intervention... ... Special forces are able to plan their missions in all environments
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