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The 22d International Airshow of Roanne took place on Sunday 11 September 2016.
Due to this special date ( 15th anniversary of the sad 11 September 2001 ) , the terrorist attack threat was judged so high that 2 weeks before, the airshow had been almost cancelled ! Fortunately, thanks to the effort of the organization committee with Mr Florian CHAVROCHE as president and all civilian and military authorities responsible for the security, the clearance was given to open the show under strict security measures as mentioned on a leaflet given to the public.
Everyone had to pass through at least 3 filtration gates : the first 1000 m away on the road leading to the airfield to get the tickets, the second one at the gate where vehicles were closely checked inside by the "Gendarmerie Nationale" and the last one after parking for a body check by security guards. Despite those devices, the access to the airshow was fluid, thousands of spectators were present and no incident was reported.
In fact the official opening took place on Saturday at 19:00 LT with speeches of officials and the arrival of 2 Mirages 2000 from Orange AFB and 1 Rafale from Mont-de-Marsan AFB.
Then, about 1500 invited people could attend a Sunset Airshow. It appears that this kind of airshow at sunset is quite new in France. Lights and pyrotechnic devices equipping all kinds of flying objects
( aircraft, kites, balloons, RC models, etc ) gave to the sky a magical appearance.

Sunday, the main day, was divided into two parts. During the forenoon, all associations acting on the airfield received the opportunity to display their activities : paramotors, ULM's, skydivers, aeromodelling, gliders and so on. In the afternoon, the degree of sound and speed increased to reach an apogee with the unavoidable "Patrouille de France". Just a small personal regret : there was no participation this year of the BAF, maybe due to the common date with Sanicole ... . Pictures will show more about the quality of the several displays of all the participants. Before concluding, I would like to mention a courageous woman, godmother of the airshow, Dorine BOURNETON : she is the only paraplegic woman in the world making an aerobatic display. She lost her legs in an aircraft accident and is now flying a CAP-10 equipped with a "malonnier", a special device to activate the rudder with the hands. She made a very emotional speech during the opening ceremony and gave an outstanding display. Last but not least, many thanks to Florian and his team of volunteers for their welcome, efficiency and kindness. Looking already forward to the 23d Airshow in 2018, at that time hopefully with some BAF aircraft !
 Mr Florian CHAVROCHE, President of Roanne The official opening ceremony before the Sunset Airshow
General e.r. Job, godfather of the Airshow who was leader of the Patrouille de France at the first Roanne Airshow more than 40 years ago Florian Chavroche introduces an incredible woman, godmother of the Airshow
Dorine BOURNETON, an incredible woman full of power!

 Arrival of the Mirage 2000B from Orange-Caritat "Sparflex Team" Aero Vodochody L-39C on taxi for the display
Rafale from Mont-de-Marsan flown by a pilot from Roanne
" Beginning of the Sunset Airshow
"Sparflex" team in action

The "Sparflex Team"

The "Pioneer Team". Four ship Pioneer 330 aerobatic team
Balloon in the night to conclude this sunset airshow 
  Feeric scenery by a trapesist underneath the balloon
North American AT-6D-NT Harvard (F-AZBL) Globe GC-1B Swift  (N80903)
Walk in the static line: Bleriot XI replica
Ryan PT-22 Recruit  (N53018) Vans RV-8  (F-PAJM)
Boeing PT-13D Kaydet  (N450D) Bücker Bü-131B Jungmann  (F-AZVK)
Mudry-Apex Cap 222  (F-WWMZ) Pitts S-2B  (F-HBOB)
North American T-28B Trojan  (F-AZHR) Douglas DC-3  (F-BBBE)
Mudry Cap 20L  (F-AZVR) Pionneer 330  (I-B524)
Socata TB30 Epsilon 315-ZA from Cognac Potez CM-175 Zephyr  (F-AZPF)
Always nice to see this Butterfly tail !
Roanne Airfield activities: RC Models Paramotor
ULM Delta ULM Sky Ranger
Aerobatics with the Vans RV-8 Glider: Schleicher ASH 25 & Glaser Dirks DG 1000 S
Eurocopter EC135 from the French Gendarmery
North Americam P-51D "Moonbeam McSwine" Yakovlev Yak-3  (F-AZLY)
 Morane Saulnier MS-733 "Alcyon"   (F-BKOI) Morane Saulnier MS-733 "Alcyon"  (F-BKOJ)
The North American T-28B Trojan (F-AZHR) from Beaune Airfield The Cap 222 and Pitts S-2B duo

French Air Force parachute team
A tribute to France and the Armée de l’Air by the EPPCAA ( Equipe Parachutiste de Présentation et de Compétition de l’Armée de l’Air)
Douglas DC-3  (F-BBBE) Bücker Bü-131B Jungmann  (F-AZVK)
Dorine Bourneton making the preflight turnaround of her CAP-10B Some more advices by the coach 
What a picture. With the will everything is possible! Dorine and her CAP-10B F-PCAP
Aerobatic display Always a challenge and the happiness of a successful flight
Danielle Hughes, wingwalker, an other woman … The pilot office of the "Kaydet"
Danielle going on for the display This performance remain always impressive
Like a bird Changing of place during the show...
...to continue on the wing ! Always smiling...Charming aerobatics
Socata TBM-700B  Dirty pass, wheels and flaps down
Stearman and Ryan formation Boeing PT-17 Kaydet (F-AZUD) & (N56178)
The « Swift Team » simulating the Reno Air Race …  … followed by an aerobatic display
 Believe it or not, those are ULM’s ! The "Pioneer team" from Italy
Another woman...member of the "Pioneer Team" 
A mythic duo: The Breguet BR-1050 Alizé and the Potez CM-175 Zephyr The past of the French Navy...
 Ready for carrier landing  
  Wheels, flaps and gear down and … canopy open for carrier landing
In the heat of Roanne !
  The "Sparflex Team"


 Aero Vodochody L-39C a former East bloc training aircraft
Hawker Hunter T.68  J-4201  (HB-RVR) The Hunter remain a beautifull fighter...
Interception demonstration with a Mirage 2000B and the TB-30 Epsilon A second one with a AS350 Squirrel this time
To conclude this fantastic airshow, the "Patrouille de France"  Coming in for …
 … the simultaneous roll  
The Big Bang crossing  
  The final break...show is over, see you all next time

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