Text & Pictures: Bruno Ghils - Translation: Marc Arys  © sbap 2016

Every year, and this already for 30 years on, an airshow is organized at Valenciennes airport in northern France. As a tradition, on the date of the French National Day, various aircraft which participated in the flypast over the Champs Elysées at Paris gather at Valenciennes.
The Patrouille de France, of course, but this year, visitors were also granted a flypast of a box of 4 Mirage 2000, which after Paris flew on to Cambrai to remember the strong bound between the city (which sadly lost its airbase BA103) and the French Air Force. And France has not only the Air Force, so the Aéronavale flew in its superb Falcon for a brief but remarkable demonstration.
But the airshow at Valenciennes is more than just aircraft from the flypast over Paris. Its is also a warbirds show - P-51 D, a Broussard, a Piper J3 and a Fouga Magister added to the program, the French know-how with the Rafale, the aerobatic teams from the Armée de l'Air (French Air Force) and the foreign guests.
From the other side of the border, what a pleasure to see our own Red Devils with their Marchettis, who demonstrated their skills under a bright sun, together with the always present sympathetic team. The Red Devils are realy at home in northern France !
Also from Belgium, the French public had once again the opportunity to vibrate on the sounds of the Belgian F-16AM flown by "Gizmo". Flares, re-heat, smoke, high-speed passes, all this to demonstrate that our F-16 are still there and valiant, despite their age (just a little less than my boss ;-).
Thanks to our Air Force for this highly appreciated presence, which give the Valencienne team the opportunity to have, each year, this international airshow. And international it was… with the Royal Jordanian Falcons among others. Three great teams and all this, thanks to 

Mr Pierre Deprez and his organization, well known in France for his perfect knowledge of the aeronautical world and his ability to prepare and present convivial, technical, and entertaining shows with great respect to security and safety.
SBAP would like to thanks Mister Deprez and the Valenciennes team for its warm welcome, availability and the facilities granted for our report as usual.
And to conclude… Vividly 14 July !

Mirage 2000D for the 100 years of the SPA75. The left side... ...and the right side of the tail
Mirage 2000-5 box after Paris fly by
"Marty" Rafale display
Dassault Falcon 50M from the Marine Nationale Interesting fly by
Arrival of the Patrouille de France under heavy rain
   Refueling time
The support C-160D Transall of the PAF... ...with special 50 years markings
North American P-51D Mustang "Scat VII" Piper PA-28 RT-201T Turbo Arrow IV
The Airshow
Belgian Air Force F-16AM solo display... "Gizmo" in action
Piper J3-65 "Cub" from Bleriot Aeroclub This plane is based at Cambrai-Niergnies
Aerospatiale Alouette II F-GURJ Max Holste MH-1521M Broussard
Potez CM-170 Fouga Magister F-AZTO
Pierre Fages at command
Alpha Jet stop on the taxitrack  
Go for a nice demo... and the National colours for a National day
Show is over...
The Royal Jordanian Falcons
Extra 300L
The "Red Devils" in action...
The ST36 as support aircraft Ready for the National Day show
Danny on duty Didier making the oil level
Same for Jacko Steven making the cockpit checks
"Papy" the number 4 and solo of the team...Relly Devils minded "Daffy" number 3 and "Mag"
"Mag" on PR duty "Daffy" and "Paolo" as passenger ;-)
Start up Taxi
"Jean" the number 2 "Daffy"...time to be concentrated
"Papy" Taxi to the holding point
Take off Box formation
Go for a clover leaf... ...and coming out
360° box formation turn Swan formation
Break in the loop Line astirn pass

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