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Here we go...be numerous to support "Diablo". It is for a noble cause!
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Three years... the average time allotted for a demonstration pilot within a team, simply to avoid habits which could lead him to make mistakes. At the end of 2016, Devil 5 will leave the team, having been with them for three years now.
Fancy that! "Devil D"? Yes, this is "Diablo", the mascot of the Red Devils since 2014.
But who is "Diablo"?
It is a little woolen devil conceived for the ANAHM-NVHVG association which takes care of slightly mentally disabled persons in Belgium and this little devil has had a very particular professional career as we will see further on.
The idea of the Red Devils to support this association came from their leader "Paolo" for whom this social aspect is very important in parallel with the professionalism of his team. The Red Devils are indeed a showcase of the know-how of the Air Force and it is not because one is a devil with infernal traditions, one cannot be a man of compassion.
Once the idea of "Paolo" on the go other team-members took on the project. "Fifi", the Public Relation and "Jacko" one of the team's mechanics.
You have to know that this heartily association, the ANAHM-NVHVG, hardly receives any funding's to achieve their goals and this was the reason the team stepped into the "Diablo" adventure.
From the beginning our "Devil D" was heartily welcomed and following the traditions he needed a godfather. It was with great pride General Aviator Frederic Vansina, Belgian Air Component Commander, accepted this mission. And as you have read at the beginning, 'Diablo' will have a well filled career with an incredible flight logbook.
Here you have some milestones of the career of our future retiree:

26/05/2014: first flight of Diablo with his godfather General Frederic Vansina
10/06/2014: Diablo packed his bags bound to the world cup in Brazil aboard an Airbus A-300-300 from SN Brussels Airlines together with the Belgian national football team, the Red Devils.
21/07/2014: fly past over Brussels in an Alpha Jet with Raf Van Brussel, a well know radio DJ and singer in the northern part of Belgium.
26/07/2014: an iconic flight aboard the Avro Vulcan HX558, retired from service since then.
20/05/2015: flight within the THPU framework, mission with a Bell AH-1 Huey from the Luftwaffe. These were also the last flights of this helicopter at Beauvechain
28/05/2015: mission aboard the MD-900 of the Belgian Federal Police looking for the bad men.
20/09/2015: SAR mission with a winching-out of a Seaking and a winching-in in a brand new NH-90 NFH at Sanicole in front of thousands of spectators.
26/06/2016: 100th flying hour of Diablo with the Greek Air Force display F-16C "Zeus" during the Belgian Air Force Days.

In short, a magnificent career which many pilots will envy him and this thanks to his coach, Sgt Steven Daems, who never stopped seeking flights to fill his logbook and take unforgettable pictures, which every pilot enjoys to see back by the fire during long winter evenings.
But now it is time to hang up and for his retirement "Diablo" would like to find a little quiet and nice place to stay. This is why the 'Red Devils' will put up Diablo for an auction sale, together with his logbook as to call back all these fabulous moments to the mind.
Besides the one and only "Diablo", the team sold also little puppets depicting "Diablo" with a huge succes. You can love thundering machines but the heart will always take over.
So, the income of the sales and the amount of "Diablo's" retirement allowance will entirely be donated to the ANAHM-NVHVG association to support their work and goals.

How will this be done ?

"Diablo" and all his gear will be put up for sale on Ebay from September 02, 2016, on, and will be found through "Diablo Red Devils Belgium".
The sale will last for 10 days, so be numerous to visit this page and especially let your heart do the talking. You will also find some publicity on the Facebook pages of the "Red Devils" and of course on the pages of your favorite on-line magazine SBAP.
The new owner will be announced during the International Sanicole Airshow on September 11 around 4 PM.
On October 26 at the Beauvechain airbase, "Diablo" will be handed over to his new Daddy... or Mammy by General Frederic Vansina at the end of his ultimate flight with his team.
Just one more thing to say: be numerous to support "Diablo". It is for a noble cause!

Avenue Albert Giraud 24
1030 Bruxelles
Tél.: +32(0)2 247 28 29
Fax : +32(0)2 219 90 61
e-mail : secretariat@anahm.be
e-mail : thomas.dabeux@anahm.be
2014 "Diablo" alias "Fred" join the "Red Devils" team  (© Serge Van Heertum)
"Diablo" get his logbook !  (© Red Devils) "Diablo" in good company ;-)   (© Red Devils)
Flight with the Belgian Police against bandits...  (© Serge Van Heertum)
A training flight with his team  (© Red Devils) A demonstration flight with the Spanish "Aspa" team  (© Red Devils)
"Diablo" also enjoying warbirds flights  (© Serge Van Heertum)
A flight with the T-28B "Trojan"
(© Red Devils)
Sanicole 2015, a winch out from the Seaking and and a 
winch in with the NH-90  (© Red Devils)
Italian "Frecce Tricolori" experience  (© Serge Van Heertum)
A Royal visit  (© Red Devils) "Diablo" and his Godfather the General F. Vansina   (© Red Devils)
"Diablo" got the 100 flight hours with "Zeus"  (© Serge Van Heertum)
The "Diablo" case...  (© Serge Van Heertum) ...and the content  (© Serge Van Heertum)
The logbook completed with all "Diablo" flights  (© Serge Van Heertum) Sgt Steven Daems, his coach  (© Serge Van Heertum)
Bye Bye "Diablo"...have a nice and quiet retirment  (© Serge Van Heertum)

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