Text: Serge Van Heertum - Pictures: Serge Van Heertum & Serge van Oosterzee - Translation: Marc Arys  © sbap 2016

The 2016 airshow season is already well on its way and moreover, the Belgian Air Force Days are being prepared with zeal and enthusiasm in Florennes as well as at the staff building in Brussels.
To perfect airshows, demonstration teams are an important asset and ion this perspective the teams of the Belgian Air Component took the wintertime to prepare their new season. After having put together the new programs, having tested them and trained during hours to fine tune them as well, they are now finally ready…
The purpose of the general staff was to inform the press of this achievement and the public relation service of the Air Component organized a press conference on May 26 at Beauvechain airbase.
Colonel Wim Lecoutere explained the necessity to have such ambassadors to show the presence and the know-how of the Air Component, her pilots and the necessary staff to conduct these tasks. And to also be present abroad on an exchange base to gather foreign teams at events organized in Belgium. But first of all, these ambassadors are there to motivate younger generations to apply for a career within the Air Component, be it as a pilot, a dream for lots of youngsters, or simply as ground personnel, because, let us not forget, that it takes more than one person to have an aircraft up and going - about seventy specialists of all kind.
After the conference the opportunity was given to see them in action and have a chat with these modern knights of the sky and they fulfill this mission perfectly. We can vouch for that!
The three teams for the 2016 season are the Agusta solo display, with "Kevin" and "Stijn" replacing "Filip".
The second team present was our loved "Red Devils" team. Not chasing a ball, but flying again four aircraft after a turbulent 2015 season. Our "Devils" are made up of "Paolo", leader or number 1, a newcomer "Jean" as the left wingman or number 2, "Daffy" right wingman or number 3 and at last the number 4, being also a brilliant solo demo pilot, I named "Pappy".
The third team is the F-16AM solo display with "Gizmo" at the controls for his second year and flying his aircraft with power and elegance.
But as always, pictures say more than words… Thence welcome them everywhere you may walk upon them with enthusiasm and applause! They really deserve your appreciation…
We wish to thank Colonel Wim Lecoutere for his kind initiative and the whole staff of ComOpsAir IPR for this friendly invitation to the press conference dedicated to the demonstration teams of the Belgian Air Component.
They all await you on June 25 and 26, 2016 for the famous "Belgian Air Force Days".

Demonstration Teams 2016




 The Agusta A109BA H24 will be shortly replaced by the H29 with a brand new paint. Instead of the "Griffon", it is now the "Wolve" of the first Wing that will perform the demonstration routine. (Serge van Oosterzee)
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