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SAFETY DAY - Koksijde - October 3rd, 2015

The Belgian ULM Federation ( BULMF ) organized a Safety Day on the Military Airbase of Koksijde (EBFN) on the 3rd of October : the theme was " Engine Flame Out  in flight ". I applied for this event and had the chance to participate to this day with my son Olivier who is training with me to get his ULM licence for flying later on my Rans Coyote II S-6ES.

In fact, during their training, all ULM pilots are learning and practicing the engine flame out emergency. But because it is done on ULM basis where runways are rather short  (150 m to 600 m for the longest), they always make the exercise with the engine at idle to be able, if missing the landing being too short for instance or coming to high, to open up the throttle and regain rapidly power and altitude.

Therefore the BULMF made an arrangement with BKOKS to use the long runways for practicing landing with the engine completely stopped and propeller stuck. To materialize the "real" runway, they used 2 white lines about 600m apart of each other. Because of an overall length of the main runway (11/29) of more than 2.400m, this gave to all participants enough concrete in front and behind in case of misjudging the landing point.

As far as the organization was concerned, the participants were divided in 2 groups : while the first one was flying, the other one had the opportunity to follow a few presentations (Belgocontrol on the use of the radio by ULM and Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport - Air Accident Investigation Unit - on the engine failure in flight) and to bring a visit the the new SAR heli NH90.

As far as the flying part is concerned, each pilot received a slot of 5 minutes allowing him to make 2 circuits ; 2 aircraft were always simultaneously in flight, one in downwind and the other one on landing.

For safety reasons it was foreseen to gather all participants in Amougies (EBAM) for a small briefing before departing in sequence to Koksijde.  However, due to the morning mist, we were put in standby in our respective departing points, for me the ULM site of Maillen (EBAM). We received the release to go around 09h30 and rejoined EBFN in good flying conditions. Finally 46 ULM's from all types went to Koksijde and 77 pilots with the help of 4 instructors took part to the simulated flame out exercises. This was done on the 11Left runway.

For me, despite my own flying experience, this was the first time I got the opportunity to train and practice real engine out patterns and landings.

To conclude, I would like to congratulate the 2 organizers from the BULMF , Pierre VAN AERSSEN and Alain DE VUYST and their staff members who made that day a success in very good and safe conditions. Many thanks also to the Kon. West Aviation Club (WAC) for hosting the event in its clubhouse and installations. Just to mention that its President is Johan "Beaker" DE BLOCK, a former BAF pilot who flew on F-16, T-38 in the ENJJPT, Marchetti and finished his career on Sea King, happy owner now of an SV-4 !

All pilots who took part to that event are looking forward to living the same kind of experience in the future, why not soon in 2016 !
Arrival @ Koksijde Air Base
Fly Synthesis Storch
Father... ...and Son for safety
Flight Design CTSW Aeropro Eurofox
Tecnam P-2002 Sierra Flight Design CTSW (on the right)
ULM 3 axes 21AEG
Lambert Mission M106 Gyrocopter DTA J-RO 914
Promecc Freccia & Air Création Micronef GTE562ES Impulse Aircraft I100TD
This event was hosted by the West Aviation Club of Koksijde Preparing the flight
Rans Coyote II S-6ES alias "Marcoli" 
General briefing
Tecnam P-92 Echo JMB Aircraft VL-3A Evolution
Is it a "Coyouga" or a "Fouyote"? Go for the training
Dyn'Aero MCR Pick Up Tecnam P-92 Echo
Tecnam P-92 Echo FK Lightplanes FK9 Mk IV
Rans S-6 Coyote II Tecnam P-92 Echo

Paul and Olivier during their training flight
Far away of the begining of the ULM design...

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