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The 11th Jet World Masters took place from 23 to 29 August 2015 at Leutkirch/Allgäu in the South of Germany, not far from the Constance Lake.

This competition has been gathering the best RC model jet builders and pilots from all over the world every two year since 1995. This year saw the participation of 15 nations and 59 pilots.

This championship is divided in 2 classes based on the empty weight of the model ( that is to say without fuel or liquid - smoke system for instance ), the less than 20 kg and 13,5 kg. As far as the scoring is concerned, 50 % of the final score goes to the static judgement and 50 % to the flights. Each pilot has the opportunity to fly a rehearsal first and 3 scored flights of which only the best 2 are taken into account for the overall result. Because of the importance of the static points, all the competitors are presenting what is the top of the top of accuracy, details and realism on the ground. And of course, this realism is also important in flight where the pilots have 12 minutes to present a flying display consisting of 6 maneuvers  out of 50 in addition to the take-off and landing. The judges are scoring only the maneuvers individually and not the sequence and links in between.

All kinds of existing jet aircraft, old and brand new, are represented but the most used were the L-29 Albatros and the Bae Hawk in all colors and special schemes.

For the spectators, the realism was appreciated not only through the eyes (even if they were always up sun, which was not a good position for taking pictures ... same for the pilots as well !) but also through the ears by the jet noise and the nose by the smell of the kerosen. Even if the competition flights were maybe boring for the non-initiated during the week, more than 22.000 spectators watched a big airshow on Sunday, not only with all kind of RC models ( jets, gliders, helicopters, war birds, ... ) but with real aircraft ( Pionneer team, aerobatic displays, and so on ).

The Belgian team led by Augustin GODDET as manager was composed of 4 pilots, 3 in the 13,5 kg category, Philip AVONDS (Fouga Magister) who was already the winner in the USA  in 2011and in Switzerland in 2013, Wim REYNDERS (Fouga Magister) who was vice-champion in 2013 and Renaud LECLERCQ (Hawker Hunter MK6) who unfortunately damaged his model beyond repair during the rehearsal flight. One pilot, Jean-Pierre ZARDINI (Bae Hawk) competed in the 20 kg class. Their overall result by nations is very good compared to bigger nations with more resources (financial) : the Belgian team finished in the 5th position behind Germany (1st), Russia (2d), Switzerland (3d) and Italy (4th) but before USA (6st) and France (7th).

Individually, Philip was declared vice-champion in the 13,5 kg class despite the 2 best flights of the competition : with the 50% rule for the static points, he was beated by a Russian with a YAK 130 who made a big difference in the static scoring. Wim with his marvellous Fouga MT35 was a bit disappointed by his static score but made good flights always improving from one to the other. Renaud was forfeited for the flights after his crash during the rehearsal. Last but not least, in the 20 kg class, Jean-Pierre finished at a honourable 22d position with good flights but a middle scoring in static due maybe to a lack of finition in the details.

The great winners in the 2 classes were the Russians with their YAK 130, almost unbeatable in static. It has to be said as partial explanation to this victory that they could rely on a big financial support for their project, I heard about the unbelievable figure of 500.000 € : are the JWM still a competition for amateurs ?

Anyway, the pictures will show much more on the high level of realism of the model jets than a long speech.

To conclude, I would personally thank the whole Belgian team ( pilots and wives) in general and the manager, Mr GODDET in particular for their warm welcome, their kindness and outstanding team spirit.

I am already looking forward to witnessing the next JWM 2017 that should normally take place in Italy.

The Belgian Paddock
Philip and his MT48 The "Last of the Many" from Wim Reynders
Little Paul Rorive
The Red Devils Hawker Hunter from Renaud Leclercq Ivan Deprins at command of the Hunter
Jean-Pierre Zardini Baé Hawk
Visit in the other Paddocks

Aero L-39 from Breitling team The great winner from Russia, the Yak-130
Mc Donnell Douglas F-15A And a second one
Aero L-39 Lockheed Martin F-16C
Dassault Alpha Jet "Patrouille de France" Hongdu L-15 from China
Lockheed F-104G Starfighter with the flash colours of the NASA Aero L-39
Lockheed Martin F-16 Israelian Air Force Fairchild A-10A Thunderboldt II
Baé Hawk from the "Red Arrows" Belgian 31 Sqn F-16A
Real original this Fantrainer 600 Hawker Hunter Mk.58 from the Swiss Air Force
Mig 15Bis North American F-100D Super Sabre
F-16AM "Dutch Demo" Fairchild A-10A Thunderboldt II
Aero L-39 Thai Air Force North American F-86E Sabre
Baé Hawk T.1 Other view of the Fantrainer 600
Aermacchi M346 "Master" Eurofighter Typhoon
Simply incredible
Amazing paint works
The flights
The "Pionner Team" for the opening
General view... ...and ambiance
Some WWII jewels: Republic P-47D Thunderboldt I North American B-25J "Mitchell"
Siai Marchettio SF.260... ...some details
Rafale B...This was for sale...some Egyptian interest? Like a real pilot
Fantrainer 600 F-100D Super Sabre
Baé Hawk Mk 66 from the Swiss Air Force Another hawk from the "Red Arrows" this time
Hongdu L-15 Baé Hawk T.1 special paint seen at Valley Air Base
Aero L-39 Bavarian Starfighter
50th anniversary colours of the "Red Arrows" Belgian Tiger F-16A
Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star...the Korean war Mig 15 bis
North American F-86E Sabre alo during the korean war Korean Mig 15Bis
Gloster Javelin Italian Typhoon
Rolling Mud Mover Fiat G-91R
Hongdu L-15 German Air Force Typhoon
"Lanceri Neri" F-86 Sabre Hunter Mk.58 from "Patrouille Suisse"
Yak-130 the great winner of the 2015 edition of JWM Aero L-39 Soviet Air Force
Jacques Bothelin team Aero L-39 Another L-39 in civil markings
The Belgian team in action...
Franklin was also present to support the Belgian Team
Preparing the MT48
Wim making the prefight of the MT35
Brustem airbase in the late 1960's...
...or Paul in final at Beauvechain Air Base on September 7th, 2007!
Woman on duty also...
Like his great brother

Some pictures of the Belgian pilots and supporter...Sad day for Renaud and his Hunter damaged during a rehearsal
The 13,5 Kg winner list (Note Philip Avonds n°2, Wim Reynders N°7 and Renaud Leclercq N°23)
The 20 Kg winner list (Note Jean-Pierre Zardini N°22)

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