Pictures: Serge Van Heertum and Royal Air Force archives  © sbap 2015
Battle of France is over... ...The Battle of Britain is about to begin
The German Luftwaffe prepare to fight 
the Royal Air Force
Marechal Göering need to have the 
air superiority before the invasion "Unternehmen Seelöwe"
The Battle of Britain will begin
The first part of the battle in July 1940...  ...with the "Kanalkampf"
The Royal Air Foce is in stand by... ...for the largest air to air battle
The planes are ready Or under maintenance

The gunsight will fight the German black crosses from the skies
Proud to be a pilot and fight for freedom
Waiting the next scramble
The news are not so good in the Summer of 1940
Begin August 1940, the Germans... ...attack the Royal Air Force Southern airfields
Sramble Scramble Scramble Already clear for take off
Take off from a southern England airfield
The Hawker Hurricane shooted the highest 
amount of German planes during the Battle
The Supermarine Spitfire became the ultimate fighter 
from the Royal Air Force
Dogfight Achtung...Spitfires
This German aircraft is not sure to cross again the channel
The Bristol Blenheim was also involved in the 
Battle of Britain after the campaign of France
Hurricane at war

Spitfire's from Eagle squadron

Smoke trails in British skies
The defence of London Losses are unavoidable
The Luftwaffe is undermined Combat is over
Back to base
Break The modern fighters of the Royal Air Force
Landing safely... ...after one more mission
Safe and at home The enthusiasm after the combat
Preparing for the next scramble
Mid September the battle turn away... ...the Luftwaffe bombed London and other English cities
The "Blitz" will continue until  Spring 1941 This enabled the Royal Air Force to gather is forces
The capital was heavily damaged The metropolitan was used as shelters during the bomb attack
The solidarity of the English people 
was not an empty word
The Spring of 1941...the sky remain empty.
No more German crosses to be seen,
the Battle of Britain is over
The Nations involved in the Battle of Britain

Australia (32)
Barbados (1)
Belgium (28)
Canada (112)
Czechoslovakia (88)
France (13)
India (8)
Ireland (10)

Jamaica (1)
New Zeeland (127)
Palestine (1)
Poland (145)
Rhodesia (3)
South Africa (25)
United Kingdom (2341)
United States (7)

A page of history is turned...The Battle of Britain changed the course of the World War  2

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