Text & Pictures: Alain Debras - Translation: Marc Arys  Š sbap 2015
Aero Vintage at the Saint Hubert airfield

AERO VINTAGE 2015 took place at the airfield of Saint Hubert on August 29 and 30 (third edition since 2011 and 2013). During the weekend, the airfield is transformed into an atypic environment where the little and big ones encounter amateur- or professional pilots and legendary aircraft. All amateurs and their 'vintage' aircraft could gather here and everything was put into place to give them a highly qualitative welcome (no landing or parking fees, meals, drinks, etc...). Aircraft, ULM, gliders or helicopter... for eveyone's taste and everbody could have a go at a 30 minutes discovery flight, promotionnally priced ! 
The airfield of Saint-Hubert (ICAO-code : EBSH) is a Belgian airfield located in the Luxemburg province in the Walloon region. It is essentially dedicated to glider activity, light and sport aviation, training, aerobatics and also hosts the Centre National de Vol ā Voile (National Gliding Center). It is the second highest airfield in Belgium (563m) next to the military airbase of Saint-Hubert and has two double grass runways :

- runway 05/23 - left and right - 600m long and 42 m wide
- runway 14/32 - left and right - 1799m long and 42 m wide

Five hangars, which can be rented, complete the facilities to accomodate all kind of airplanes and also has various lodging possibilities (camping, chalets, dormitories and a hotel-restaurant with 25 quality rooms).
This year one could find Piper, Piper Cub, SV4, Pitts, Yak 52, some original gliders and an indentical replica of a Nieuport having belonged to the French Army. On particular note was a Fairey's Tipsy, an audacious project that did not have the follow through into production.
Some more modern aircraft ensured initiation flights with a nice discovery in this case, the XL8 Bristell, a last generation ULM, a little bit underpowered (only 80Hp) but with an incredible finish for an aircraft of this kind.

Aerial view of the site (Courtesy Saint Hubert Airfield)
The main building Control tower
Fuel station One of the hangar
De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk T.20  (F-AZJV)
De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk Mk.22  (G-AOJR) Pilatus PC-12  (OO-PCI)
Tipsy T.66 Nipper 3  (OO-KOC)
Tipsy pilot office
PZL-104 Wilga 35A   (3A-MPC)
Cessna O-1E Bird Dog  (F-AZMX) Cessna L-19E Bird Dog  (F-AYAC)
Pitts S-2 B   (F-GUJE) Flight Design CT Supralight  (F-JRXG)
Nieuport 28C-1 replica  (LX-NIE)

SNCAN Stampe SV-4C  (OO-SPM)

Aero AT-3 (OO-GEX) Reims-Cessna F152 II   (OO-ANO)
Yakovlev Yak-52  (G-ZYAC) Yakovlev Yak-52  (F-WRUH)
Piper L18C Super Cub  (OO-VIW)
Piper J-3C-65 Cub  (OO-CEK) Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub  (OO-MNM) 
Piper L-18C-95 Super Cub  (OO-SPQ) Piper L-18C Super Cub  (OO-HBQ)

Slingsby T-67M-200 Firefly  (G-BXKW)

Detail of the tail insigna
Cessna LC-126A  (N3458V) Rans S6 Coyote II
Alexander Schleicher KA8 B  (OO-ZXI) OO-ZXI close up
OO-ZXI dashboard F-CEJJ dashboard
ASK-13  (F-CEJJ) KA8 B and ASK 13 toegether as glider attraction
Scheibe SF.25B Falke  (OO-MVF) Bristell Aero XL8  
An ULM with a real modern design 80 hp only, but what a wonderful aircraft
It may lack the balloon envelope, no? Aeronautical reflection
Some flying machine under hangar protection The main Saint Hubert activity, the glider flight

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