Text &  Pictures: Jacques Vincent - Translation: Marc Arys  © sbap 2015
Regarding the Fête Nationale Française (French National Day) we had heard that the fighters of the Armée de l'Air would be gathered on the Norman airbase at Evreux. Contact was taken with the airbase authorities and acces was granted to take some pictures for our report. Rendez-vous at the gate at 07.30 hours... Indeed, to the contrary of the Belgium parade, the French parade takes place during the morning. Welcomed by a forthcoming and caring Adjudant we were invited to park our car about 100 meters away from the apron where we already could see the line-up of the Rafale and Mirage 2000. Although we could not approach the Rafales on the apron, we had the opportunity to immortalize the spearhead of the Armée de l'Air during their taxy. Around 09.00 hours the apron came to life with the mechanics preparing the airplanes and their various equipments and with the arrival of the pilots. At 10 o'clock the silence on the airbase was broken as the engines were started. After the initial checks, the aircraft taxied to the holding point in a ceaseless ballet... Participating aircraft in this year aerial parade were : two Belgian Air Force Alpha Jet, two Alpha Jet from the Armée de l'Air, a Spanish Air Force Casa 295, one Casa 235 from the Armée de l'Air, one Transall, Rafale, and Mirage 2000 D, Mirage 2000 N, Mirage 2000 C, B and RDY. After the take-off of the aircraft we were escorted back to our car and were able to picture a standard Transall and a "Gabriel" version, both based at Evreux.

It was a very nice and interesting backstage intrusion into the French National Day and the SBAP-team wishes to thank warmly Lieutenant Loïc Tatard, press officer of SIRPA Air, as well as Corporal Laure Martin, from the communication department at Evreux airbase, for the facilities granted and swift organisation of our stay.

The French and Belgian Alpha Jet together to represent the combined training "Ajets"
Mirage 2000-5F from Luxeuil
Mirage 2000-5F  116-EA Mirage 2000-5F  116-EW
Pilot and Crewchief marking on the 116-EM Same on the 116-EA
Mirage 2000 D 133-JC from Nancy Mirage 2000 D 133-XM
Mirage 2000 N 125-BU from Istres Mirage 2000 N 125-BQ
Mirage 2000 C  115-KC from Orange Mirage 2000 C  115-YG
Mirage 2000 B  115-AM Mirage 2000 B  115-OL
Mirage 2000 C  115-YT Preparation of the aircraft started around 9 o'clock
Note the special tail marking of this Mirage 2000 C
The X-ray Mike waiting the crew Many war missions for this 2000 Delta
Arrival of the pilots and navigators
Turn around for the preflight
Aerospatiale SN 601 Corvette from Aerovision for 
Air to Air view during Paris fly pass
Rafale C  118-IC from Mont de Marsan
Rafale C  118-IU
Rafale C  118-IQ Rafale B  113-FO from Saint-Dizier
Transall C-160NG  64-GB from Evreux
Casa C295M  35-43 from Spanish Air Force Casa C295M  62-HD from Creil
Rolling out
Corvette at take off
Last take off
Transall C160G "Gabiel" was modernized in 2009 and is based at Evreux Transall C160R  61-ZN from Orléans

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