Text: Serge Van Heertum - Pictures: Christian De Brabanter & Danny Carels - Translation: Marc Arys © sbap 2015

The second EU-CELAC summit was held in Brussels on June 10 and 11, 2015, bringing to Brussels Airport quite "exotic" airplanes from Latin American countries and the Caribbean. Some of them were immortalized during their stay.
The EU-CELAC summits gathers the head of states or their representatives of the European, Latin American and Caribbean countries to reinforce the relationship between the two regions and generally constitutes the main precinct for dialogues and cooperation between Europe and these countries. These summits assembles a third of the members of the United Nations and more than half of the members of the G20. In all a 68 head of states or representatives particpated to the summit.
The theme of this second summit was to “conceve a common future to offer, in the long term, our citizens prosperous, standing together and viable societies”. Mr Donald Tusk, president of the Eurpean Council, heading the summit, put forward the identity and common valours of Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean as to improve political dialogue on initiatives focused on the citizen in terms of innovation tending to a sustainable growth, education, security and climat changes.

The Community of Latina American and Caribbean states (CELAC)
Launched in 2010, this regional assembly of Latin American and Carribean countries, comprises 33 sovereign states, representing some 600 millions people. The CELAC tends to unite all Latin American and Caribbean countries to reinforce the political dialogue in these regions as well as to promote the social and cultural integration, to improve the quality of life, stimulate the economical growth and to develop the well-being of all its citizens.
This Community replaced the RIO group (international organization created in Rio De Janeiro in 1986 and made up of 23 countries) and the CALC 'Cumbres América Latina y Caribe - Intern summits of Latin America and Caribbean countries.

Chilean Air Forec Boeing B767-3YOER  (Danny Carels) Dassault Falcon 900EX for the Venezuelian representant (Danny Carels)
Mexican Air Force Boeing B757-225  (Christian De Brabanter) Colombia Air Force Boeing B737-74V (BBJ)  (Christian De Brabanter)
Brazilian Air Force Embraer ERJ-190 (Christian De Brabanter) Brazilian Air Force Airbus A319-133 (CJ) (Christian De Brabanter)
Swedish Air Force Gulfstream GIV  (Christian De Brabanter) Italian Air Force Dassault Falcon 900EX  (Christian De Brabanter)
Belgian Air Force Agusta A109BA in stand by for the summit protection
(Christian De Brabanter)
(Christian De Brabanter)

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