Text: Régis Rocca - Pictures: Régis Rocca, Escadron 1/7 & Serge Van Heertum - Translation: Charles Cassells  © sbap 2015



The 2015 Nato Tiger Meet, held on Konya AFB, Turkey, has just ended. The time has now come to show you the origins and the genesis of the French design project.

This year the brief was simple and could be summarized in a single word or even a single colour: green.

What was intended was something entirely different, something never seen in over 50 years of Tiger Meets. There had been orange, yellow, red, white tigers, but no one had ever imagined and attempted a green tiger.

1/7 “Provence” Fighter Squadron soon adopted the concept: a Monster Tiger, half Hulk, half tiger. An extremely angry big cat. A theme inspired by the comics culture and Superheroes. With a Tiger Meet flavour.

After a lengthy preparatory phase in order to develop the idea for various applications (aircraft, patches, bags, Tshirts) we started painting.

This year again, ADJ “Harry” B. and SGC “Ced” B. (with the perfect assistance of ADJ Yannick B.) did an exceptional job. In record time (8 days), painting was completed and the aircraft delivered well before the deadline.

Despite some initial mixed reactions to the novel colour, as soon as the various elements were applied to the aircraft, all who saw it approved of the project, its boldness receiving many favourable comments.

As in all previous cases, my work would never have seen the light of day without  the exceptional know-how of the painters and of all those who turned this project into reality.

My most sincere thanks go to AirForce Base 113, St Dizier and its Commanding Officer, COL Bellanger whose kind attention made it all possible.

Many thanks to ESTA 15.007 “Haute Marne” (Aeronautical Technical Support Squadron) and its Commanding Officer, LCL Le Marchand, for providing all the assistance and equipment needed to work in optimal conditions.

Thanks of course to 1/7 “Provence” Fighter Squadron, LCL Rouillé, and the men and women of SPA 162 “Tiger” Flight, who also supported this project, brought it to life and made such a contribution that they are now part of our team.

Thanks to you, “Ced” for your motivation, your involvement and your Tiger Spirit which means that you shall be a trusted and efficient partner in the years to come, thanks to Yannick for his precious help, allowing us to take a few adequate breaks.

Finally and as always, many, many thanks to “Harry”, my buddy for many years and many challenges. Fingers crossed, I hope we’ll meet again to work on similar projects.

Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!

Monster Making of (Régis Rocca)
Before the fit of anger, when the tiger turns green

Cubist tiger

An angry painter, for an angry tiger

It's nor over tillit's all over

Execution and concentration

Ongoing manicure

An appropriate registration number

Every detail counts

A jealously guarded secret

The Four Horsemen: Rage, Ced', Yannick and Harry

The designer, the painter and the beast, this summer's blockbuster
Monster Operations (Escadron 1/7 Provence)
Monster Display (Serge Van Heertum)

Monster TV (Régis Rocca)
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