In Memoriam: Cdt Er Eugène Hedebouw

Born on August 30th, 1952 in Torhout, Eugène joined the Air Force in April 1972 and was incorporated in the Prom 72C with a.o. Mark Anthony, Patrick Demortier and Jean-Jacques “Bwana” Dewael. He graduated as a pilot in July 1974 and after his operational conversion on Mirage V, he integrated the 1st Squadron (Thistle) at Bierset.
From December 1977 to August 1985 he went on as an instructor pilot on Fouga Magister, T-33A Shooting Star and finally on the Alpha Jet. Eugène Hedebouw took command of the Flight Fouga at Brustem from September 1975 to December 1987 and when on January 01st, 1988, the 33 Squadron (Winged Arrow) was revived het became the Operations Officer of this Squadron.
In 1990 and then from 1994 to 1996 Eugène was the solo display pilot on the Fouga Magister. He flew his little silvergrey trainer with the sky-blue wings at airshows all over Europe. Cdt Avi Eugène Hedebouw totalized more than 5.000 flight hours of which 2.500 on the “Whistling Turtle”.
Sadly, this unparalleled, discrete and humble pilot took off for his last flight on April 28th, 2015 bound to pilot's paradise.
All the members of SBAP will share Eugène in their memories. We present our condolences to his family and friends and wish them strength in those painful moments.

Prom 72C: From left to right
P. Demortier, J. Chavagne, C. Delhaye, JJ. Dewael, E. Hedebouw, M. Anthony & J. Lemmens (missing on pic: J. Secret, JC. Spira & W. Van Den Enden)
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)
First solo Mirage at Bierset,
Eugène was the 189th qualified pilot on the delta aircraft
(Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)

Demo Fouga in 1990, 1994, 1995 & 1996
(Jean-Marie Hanon)
The Fouga display period...
(Jean-Marie Hanon & Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP)

Bye Bye Eugène, fly high to the angels...
(Jean-Marie Hanon)

Pictures copyright: Courtesy Jean-Marie Hanon & Coll Serge Van Heertum / SBAP

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