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Tintin & Snowy (Tintin et Milou - Kuifje en Bobbie) were certainly part of the youthful readings of more than one among our readers. These characters were imagined and created by Georges Remy, aka Hergé, and were published for the first time on January 10, 1929 within the pages of the "Petit Vingtième", a weekly supplement for youngsters in the Brussels journal
"Le XXème Siècle" (the 20th Century).
Known all over the world, this character of the now called 7th Art, is a real ambassador to our country as Tintin brought out the best of Belgium worldwide. Adventurous, ambitious, sympathetic and inquisitive nature, Tintin most certainly lighted our imagination through all his fabulous adventures.
Brussels Airlines and Moulinsart, the company which manages the holding of Hergé's work, teamed up to promote the Belgian heritage creating an aircraft design never seen around the world.
On Friday 13, 2015, an Airbus A320 wearing this unique design was presented to the press. Both companies worked for several months on this project based on the original drawings of Hergé to replicate the adventure of "Tintin et le trésor de Rackham le rouge - Tintin and the treasure of Rackham the red" on the airplane. The artwork of Hergé had never before been found on the fuselage of an aircraft and let us not forget that Hergé himself was quite fascinated by aviation, witnessed by the numerous flying machines appearing in the various adventures of Tintin, the reporter.
To paint the aircraft, Brussels Airlines called in André Eisele who had the difficult task to adapt the perspective of the drawing of Moulinsart to the curves of the airplanes fuselage as to adhere as much as possible to the original drawing. The paintwork took 1.500 hours, some 10 working days by 22 painters and used up 110 liters of all kind of primers, 125 liters of paint and 125 liters of shiny varnish, not to forget the 5 kilometers of masking tape.
After the inauguration ceremony the aircraft, from then on called "Rackham", took off for its maiden flight to Toulouse.
Everyone bitten by Tintin or aviation or both can follow the 'adventures' of this ambassador on
http://www.brusselsairlines.com/fr-be/misc/meet_rackham.aspx .
Don't panic..."Rackham" proudly sporting Tintin and Snowy will stay on Airbus OO-SBN of Brussels Airlines until 2019. So get to your cameras to immortalize this beautiful masterpiece!

(Courtesy SN Brussels - Moulinsart)

The official presentation on March 13th, 2015 (Courtesy SN Brussels - Moulinsart)
Tintin & Snowy (Courtesy SN Brussels - Moulinsart) The spirit of Hergé drawing (Courtesy SN Brussels - Moulinsart)
(Courtesy SN Brussels - Moulinsart) (Courtesy SN Brussels - Moulinsart)
First visit on board (Courtesy SN Brussels - Moulinsart) (Courtesy SN Brussels - Moulinsart)
The famour 'Rackham the red" book is available on board
(Courtesy SN Brussels - Moulinsart)
(Courtesy SN Brussels - Moulinsart)
(Courtesy SN Brussels - Moulinsart) (Courtesy SN Brussels - Moulinsart)
First flight to Toulouse at Airbus factory
(Courtesy Airbus / A. Doumenjou)
Night stop at Ostrava
(Courtesy Robert kolek)
Oscar Oscar Sierra November Bravo :

The aircraft is an Airbus A320-214 registered OO-SBN (c/n 1493).
The maiden flight took place in May 2001 with the French registration F-WWDY and was subsequently delivered on June 12, 2001 to its first customer the German company LTU (leased from GECAS) as D-ALTD.
During its career at LTU, the aircraft received two special paints. From December 2002 till December 2005 it was "Hertha BSC" and from December 2005 till February 2008 "RCD Mallorca".
On February 03, 2008 it moved on to Air Berlin (leased from GECAS) still registered D-ALTD and was ultimately delivered to the Belgian company on May 02, 2011 as OO-SNB (leased from GECAS).
First user, LTU as D-ALTD (Coll SBAP) With Hertha BSC Berlin logo  (Courtesy Jorge Miguel Abreu)
RCS Mallorca  (Courtesy Ronny Busch) Air Berlin  (Courtesy Pawel Cieplak)
SN Brussels colours but with D-ALTD registration  (Coll SBAP) Landing at Brussels National in 2011 (Serge Van Heertum)
In action...

Arrival flight SN3736 from Malaga (AGP) on April 5th 16:00 (Serge Van Heertum)
Departure SN3737 Malaga (AGP) on April 5th 17:15 (Serge Van Heertum) (Serge Van Heertum)
Take Off from Brussels Airport on April 9th (Jan Wybouw)

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