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SBAP planned its end of the year meeting for all contributors on December 06, 2014, because, to us, it is most important to thank the people who give their time to make and let our site, your site, evolve. Site which is more probably 'flagged' between your favorites...

This year, the management had chosen to have a little convivial dinner and the tavern of the 'Autoworld' in the museum-complex of the Cinquantenaire in Brussels was elected for this matter. Judicious choice as the place was cosy, the organisation without a glitch and the food excellent. What more to ask for ?

Following the traditonal speech covering briefly the past year putting up front our contributors, time had come to have the 'friendship drink' as an appetizer and hand over some souvenirs to our members. 2014 had also a distinguished guest, Mr Pierre Taquet, one of the leading figures of SONACA, specialised in space activities and who, through his archives, works together with SBAP to our readers greatest happiness.

Mr Taquet did not come empty-handed but put on the hat or do I have to say the mitra of Saint-Nicolas having, for every collaborator, an example of the book SONACA 1931-2011 of which he is the co-writer together with Mr Pierre Sonveaux recounting the history of this Belgian aeronautical pearl. It goes without saying that Mr Taquet was highly sollicited for his autograph, which he hartly did, to the greatest pleasure of all.

Aeronuatical discussions were countless, from all kind of souvenirs over to the past year onto 2015 and the already known events, which will allow us to fill our agendas.

After this little gastronomical and convivial time together, the team headed towards the air museum to take the souvernir picture of this day. This was easier said than done as the big outside door was closed just in front of us compelling us to take the normal entrance. For security reasons we had invited our ladies not to take any big handbags as they could get held back at the entrance. Despite this, one of our guests had to leave her tiny handbag (10cm x 10cm) at the counter 'to prevent theft'. For the record, it is very difficult to put a plane, a tank or an armoured vehicle in a bag measuring 10cm by 10cm and most of the showcases containing little pieces are sealed... We are used to the manners of the museum guards knowing them for long years but we can not get rid of the idea which image they give to the tourists who discover the museum for the first time. Let us not forget that at this moment personnal of the army museum themselves are the dominant theme in the media regarding internal thefts and the disappearance of unique collection pieces sold to scrap dealers...

Sadly our adventure did not end there as the acces to the air museum hall was blocked... for safety reasons. After much arguing (and threats) with a guard and his chief, they finally decided to open the access and we had our group picture taken...

We think it is really time to review the management policy of this museum, which offer awesome collections but is still run like a state administration. Why not put this management in private hands with a little entry fee and offer a dynamic museum as done by the Autoworld museum ?

But we are not here to argue further more, only to thank the SBAP team for the great work done in 2014, 75 published articles and more than half-a-million consulted pages on our site. Nice job... really !

The after-noon was concluded with a last drink at the bar of the air museum hall, a pleasant way to end this conviviality day.
Thanks to all the teammembers of SBAP and GO for 2015 !

At meeting point (Bruno Ghils) (Danny Carels)
"SO6" & "Wall-E" (Danny Carels) Flowered "Flea" (Danny Carels)
"Mama Switch" & "Papa Switch" (Danny Carels) "Paul" alias Fouga man & his wife "Anny" (Danny Carels)
Discovering some present... (Danny Carels) "GeeBee" & "Booly" (Danny Carels)
"Boucak" & "Viny" (Danny Carels) "Beetle" & "Switch" (Danny Carels)
Mister Pierre Taquet, our special guest (Danny Carels) Great discussions about...Aviation ! (Danny Carels)

"Paul" on duty for a signature in a Fouga book (Danny Carels)

"GeeBee" talking about the past season (Danny Carels)
Souvenir, souvenir... (Danny Carels) "Tex", "Boucak" & "Viny" looking some pictures (Danny Carels)
Smile !!! (Bruno Ghils) One more discussion before a last drink (Bruno Ghils)
GO for 2015 !

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