Text & Pictures:Paul Rorive  © sbap 2014

On June 30th in the morning, I was working in my garden in Marchin, a village situated a few miles south of Huy. My attention was attracted first by the noise of what I suspected to be an helicopter flying at very low altitude and coming from the east. A few seconds later, the helicopter appeared just above the trees at very low altitude (about 50 meters ), passed above my house and headed directly to a field situated at the end of a dead-end street 250 meters away. He landed immediately without making any recognition pattern. I recognized the Sanevac helicopter from Bra-sur-Lienne. Almost at the same time an ambulance arrived that I guided to the street. The time for me to take my camera and walk there, the medical team disappeared in a nearby house. After 10 minutes, the medical team left the house with the patient on a stretcher who was embarked in the helicopter by the rear. In no more than 5 minutes, the helicopter took off and flew to the CHU (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire) of Liège at about 30 kilometers. I was informed a few days later by my neighbour himself who was the victim that he had had some symptoms of an eminent heart attack which justified this evacuation by air in emergency especially because he already had a heart attack before.
In 2010, SBAP did already a report on this medevac team, but now this is the proof of high professionalism of this company and that the medical evacuations by helicopter in rural area is the best way and sometimes the only one. Are you located in a sparsely populated area of Belgium? Take some time to have a look at CMH site…You never know…


Just arrived in the field
Some details of the good samaritan
Embarcation of the patient
Take off, heading hospital
Quiteness is back in the village, a life is saved

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