Text: Serge Van Heertum - Pictures: Serge Van Heertum, Marc Arys & Bruno Ghils © sbap 2014

I do not think it is necessary to present the Eastbourne airshow anymore. Throughout the years this event grew to an international renown and stays ahead within the seafront airshows, greatly appreciated in her majesty's country. This seaside resort in southern United Kingdom has an incredible charm in many ways. This year again, the organizers of the aerial program put the small dishes in the big ones with the Red Arrows, celebrating their 50th anniversary, flying their demo during the four days of this event, raising the fervor of the public for whom this team is and will stay the emblem of the Royal Air Force adroitness. Moreover, a little anniversary celebration was held, on Saturday late afternoon, to emphasize their 50th season and it was with great pleasure we were able to be present with this historical achievement.

Another asset during these days was without a doubt the in flight demonstration of the two last airworthy Avro Lancaster in the world. In Europe everybody knows the Lancaster of the Battle of Britain memorial Flight (BBMF) – “Thumper MKIII”, but besides this, we had the Lancaster, preserved in airworthy conditions by the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. This Canadian Lancaster crossed the Atlantic for a European demonstration tour, which is really unique and some passionate came to Eastbourne just to see this Canadian bomber. Breathtaking to see those two historical monuments flying together accompanied by two Spitfires... It was quite a big moment one happens to see only once in his life and their majestic formation fly-by's were by themselves a unique event in the Eastbourne skies. The only black spot was the bad weather at Coninsby on Sunday preventing the two bombers to take-off for their last demonstration.

Besides the magnificent Red Arrows and the incredible Lancasters, the program was interlaced with old and modern airplanes like a superb Norwegian Vampire, the RAF
Tucano display, the Canberra PR9 freshly restored to flying conditions or the powerful Typhoon demo.

At the warbirds side the public could admire the P-51D “Jumpin Jacques” from North Weald, the Spitfire Mk Ia (N3200) - on Friday, or the Spitfire Mk IXT (PV202) - on Saturday and Sunday. Jet age was also present with the Jet Provost and the Foland Gnat display team. Eastbourne Seafront Airshow is as well the place to be for the contact with the population and the British Armed Forces were very present by the various recruitment and information booths but also in the air with the displays of the Tutor, Chinook, Lynx AH7 and the Seaking SAR demonstration. British civilian teams participated to this fair with the inescapable and charming Breitling Wingwalkers, the very professional Blades (let's not forget these are all former RAF pilots) and at last the RV8Tors team with a smart and elegant show.

As the flying part is always planned in the afternoon, one can use the morning to wander around to the various booths, gathering information or establishing interesting contacts with aviation passionate, but also to wander around by other booths with souvenirs, books, DVD or other gadgets.
Apart from this airshow weekend, Eastbourne is a lovely Victorian style town often found along the Southern coast of England, where it must be nice spending some vacations and walking up to the cliffs of Beachy Head. Maybe an excellent destination for your next holidays...

Every year, since three years now, the SBAP-team attends this event to report on this seafront airshow, which, during all these years, made its mark through the quality of the program and the organization.

We can only wish all the people involved for an excellent continuance as to propose us this airshow with uncommon guests for many more years to come

The SBAP-team wishes to thank Mrs Tracey Drake (Promotions Manager Eastbourne Borough Council), Mrs Georgia Davis (Promotions and E- Marketing Officer Eastbourne Borough Council) and the press team for their more than warm reception and all the facilities granted during our stay in Eastbourne, real little paradise in more than one way…Sea, planes, sun…

Thanks to the Press team for the facilities... Jenny, Georgia, Tracey, Annie and all others that were so friendly with us
Welcome to the South coast The sun of United Kingdom
The Royal Air Force was present in force at event The Army Air Corps with a Gazelle helicopter
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum shop British humour!
The Reds mini Cooper... With a Red Hawk...nice, isn't it?
Some historical military vehicles With the remembrance Poppy
Load and clear The Royal Air Force cadets
Some future Army candidates? Smile!
Knows already how it's working...it seems... Army cadets
Safety during the event was also an important matter Lifeboat in stand-by
Another way to watch the airshow A part of the Eastbourne pier burned on July 30th, but will be reconstructed
The Red Arrows public area A flight with the Red Arrows?

Shop is open...time to buy some Canadian souvenirs

Typhoon Demo Team shop

Old and current British soldier. The Sussex police was also on duty
Tank run for children...a great success along the four days The result on the grass...
The Red Arrows pilot and his prestigeous car The Lifeboats exhibition
Children's entertainment Time for a drink...Time for a Spitfire!
The beach Airbourne airshow is also clearly a popular fair
Some spectacle made by children Typhoon taste
Sea, sand and sun for a wonderful airshow...
Giant screen to be able to follow the show Aviation enthusiast ready!

Ready to shoot the metal birds...

Go for the airshow!

The four airshow days are over, the sun is going down giving special light effects on the sea and the night envelops the little coastal town... Rendez-vous for the 2015 edition!
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