In Memoriam

General ER Jozef De Heyn (1945-2014)



Demise of one of the first Belgian F-16 pilots


Retired General Jozef De Heyn, one of the first Belgian pilots to have flown the F-16 fighter and former base commander of Kleine Brogel airbase, passed away beginning of July.
Issued of the promotion 64A, he received his wings on June 25th, 1965.

In July 1978, Major Avi De Heyn was one of the two Belgian pilots to fly the F-16, chosen some three years earlier to re-equip the Belgian Air Force and which led to the "sale of the century". He was sent to Edwards airbase, California, to be trained on this new fighter aircraft and took part in the training of the first Belgian pilots as the first Commanding Officer (CO) of the Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) at Beauvechain airbase.

He was also the first Belgian F-16 demo-pilot within the European airshow scene and had the honour to present the F-16 to king Baudouin.

Jozef De Heyn ended his career as the Belgian defence attaché in the United States of America with the rank of Brigade General.
His funeral ceremony took place on July 11, 2014 at the 10 Tactical Wing located at the Kleine Brogel airbase (Limburg province).


Presentation of the new F-16A to King Baudouin by Jozef De Heyn (Coll SBAP)

In Memoriam

General ER Pieter "Piet" De Groof (1931-2014)


Pieter De Groof, alias Walter Korum, was born at Mechelen on May 16th, 1931.
Aviation enthusiast, he did polytechnician studies and entering the Belgian Air Force as pilot and was graduated withe the 133 promotion on October 18th, 1957.
He was undoubtedly the most paradoxal figure of the Air Force...In parallel of his military carreer, he was also an international situationist activist (art specialist) know as Walter Korum, movment he joined in 1957.
His military carreer ended as General and military attachee to the NATO operations.
Pieter "Piet" De Groof deceased at Jette on July 4th, 2014.

"Piet" De Groof during first solo flight Mirage V (Coll SBAP)  
The SBAP team offers their sincere condolences to both families, friends and acquaintances.
Fligh high and safe last landing to both of you…



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