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Bergneustadt is a little municipality situated some 50 kilometers east of Cologne in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. This entity is made up off the main town and 22 districts, of which Auf dem Dümpel holds the little airfield serving as a hub for the Bergneustadt authorities.

Located at 1604 ft (534m) above sea level, the airfield has a grass airstrip (22/04) of 600m long and 30m wide, allowing single engine airplanes with a maximal weight of 3.400 pounds (1545kg) and helicopters with a maximal weight of 11.400 pounds (5.200kg) to alight.

Created in the 50's, this little field allowed the amateurs of soaring to go on with their sport and to boost aviation in Germany after the war. Until recently there were two flying clubs located on the airfield, but due to economic and homogeneity concerns, the flying clubs merged to become the “Luftsport-Club Dümpel e. V.” (www.lsc-duempel.de)  As the field is not that big and the flying club possesses quite some airplanes, their hangars were judiciously fitted up so sailplanes can be hung up onto the ceiling, reminding the hangars excavated in the Swiss mountains.

Every year, this little dynamic flying club organises an air feast, allowing visitors to admire beautiful planes and possibly to get a taste for an airsport and becoming a club member. Real airshows were even organised in the 70's-80's with some amazing and prestigious participants like the 'Red Arrows' on Folland Gnat, Avro Vulcan, C-130H, the 'Patrouille de France' on Super Magister, our national 'Blue Bees', US Army Mohawk and of course the machines of the Luftwaffe and Heersflieger. These certainly were important moments when looking at the size of the place, but all this ended on August 28th, 1988, after the horrible crash at Ramstein, when the German authorities decided to ban all airshows. Since a few years, aeronautical events keep on growing in Germany and this is also the case at Bergneustadt with their annual “Flugplatzfest”.

This year top of the bill was our own “Red Devils” flying four demonstrations during this weekend to great delight of the visitors. SBAP has had the opportunity to follow the team all Saturday long to live a little differently their provisions, viewed from the mechanics side as well as from the pilot's side. All were the proud ambassadors of our Air Force be it for their professionalism or their availability signing autographs for the admirers visiting the team booth.

Besides this, also noteworthy was the demonstration of the German Siai-Marchetti SF.260 (D-EDUR) which we can qualify as very original, passes of the Junkers Ju-52-3M preserved by the Lufthansa as well as some flights of local aircraft and sailplanes. In between the various presentations one could admire models flying to fill up the program of these days and offer the public some nice aeronautical moments. Without forgetting the typical German mood allowing everyone to have a good time, eventually a first flight and a homey meal.

In short, a nice place to be, with welcoming people and to live a fantastic day into the world of aviation. What else to wish for?
SBAP would like to thank the organizers in general and Mr Andreas Cronrath in particular for his warmly reception and the given facilities during our stay and also the firm Otto Dachbau (
www.otto-dachbau.de) for their help with the pictures “at altitude”...

Some view of Bergneustadt Airshow in the 1970-1980's (Courtesy Günter Grondstein & Florian Kondziela)
General view of Auf Dem Dümpel Airfield
The aeroclub hangar with roof hanging systems
The best way to safe a maximum of space
The stars of the week-end
Security first ! The Firebrigade team in stand by
Early the Saturday morning
The day begin with the breakfast Time to prepare the planes

Didier, Serge, Rob & Danny
Time to sign the form's Are you sure?
The technical team: Didier, Rob, Serge, Danny & Steve
Is it clear? Preparing the matierial for the fan's
Some morning activities Robin DR 400
Extra 330LT
The glass cockpit... ...amazingly clear
Another SF.260, but with Belgian colours Super Diamona TC 80
Mainz Finthen Autogyro Local gliders
Duo Discus (D-2114) - Twin Astir II (D-3322) - ASK 21 (D-5491) Agusta-Bell AB-206B Jet Ranger III
Sopwith Camel
Simply splendid
Sbach 242 acroteam 7 models on same time!
Another Robin DR 400 but with special 4 bades screw Reims Cessna FR182
Christen A-1 Husky DG 1000S glider
Tower activity
Steen Skybolt
Preparing for the first show of the day. It will be the low show...
Being stapped
Clear for taxi
N°1 "Paolo" N°2 "Daffy"
N°3 "Reggio" N°4 "Mag"
Take off one by one

The first demonstration is over...They will be back...
Relaxing... Talking...

Spending good time and looking to the demonstrations
Father and Son
The cockpit of D-EDUR The smoke system..real simple
Take off... ...and the little one also
Simply amazing
Wilkinson cross In formation
Taxi back A real amazing duo!
P-51D "Mustang" solo display
Junkers Ju-53-3M Lufthansa presentation
Grunau Baby display
Preparing for the second show...high level this time
Turn around
Taking the parachute
Taking place in the cockpit
Engines start up
Ready for taxi
Take off

Taking some speed in the valley
Box looping
Swan clover leaf
Box pass

Swan loop

The split
Crossing "Mag" in solo
Line abreast loop
Line astirn pass
The solo in action
Mouth crossing
And the final split
Back to the parking
The technicians awaiting and the enthusiast public
Hot debriefing
You've been hit by the Devils...yes, I am!
Steen Skybolt acrobatic presentation
Some more gliding activities
DJI Phantom 2 drone... ...smile, you are filmed
Look...this one is also hit by the "Devils" Back home for the D-EDUR
A last pass
Focke Wulf FW-44 "Stieglitz"
This is a model to conclude the show

Little souvenir from the "Red Devils" to the organizators
(Courtesy Red Devils team)

Many thanks to Mister Andreas Cronrath for the facilities
(Courtesy Red Devils team)

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