Text & Pictures: Bruno Ghils sbap 2014


Following the severe accident at the Costwold airport (Gloucesgtershire, UK) on July 10th, 2012, in which Tony DE BRUYNE was severely injured, we could hardly believe to see this fabulous pilot back on the European airshow scene...

Luckily nothing of that kind happened... This Sunday at Wevelgem airfield (base of the Bronco Demo Team) a fan day was organized with the complete team, friends, supporters and passionate were given the chance to appreciate the come-back of Tony and his new "Bronco"

Great moments of friendship, conviviality, nice photographic opportunities but most of all the first step towards the 2014 airshow season.

With the Bronco team, it feels like family... a family of passionate... hoping this revival with the new aircraft will give the European public the continuation of friendship with a magnificent team, a superb aircraft and an exceptional pilot.



The North American Aviation Rockwell OV-10 Bronco is a twin turboprop light attack and observation aircraft designed in the 60's for the "Counter Insurgency Combat" (COIN). One of its main missions was the "Forward Air Controler" (FAC) during the Vietnam conflict.

The OV 10B was also produced for the German Federal Republic to provide its armed forces with an aerial target towing airplane and 18 aircraft were delivered in the 70's.

After 20 years of service, BRONCO 99+18 was displayed outside the Luftfarhtmuseum "Manfred Pflumm" in the Black Forest region since 1991.It was purchased by the Bronco Demo Team and restored to flying conditions in 2012. 99+18 regained its colours and original markings and will be displayed at numerous airshows in Europe and the United Kingdom, in flight and static display.

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