Text: Serge Van Heertum - Pictures: Gérald Daguin © sbap 2014

The tricolor roundels are back on the helicopters of the Belgian Air Component... During the era of the Light Aviation of the Army, the Alouette II proudly wore the black, yellow and red roundels. Some years later, these had disappeared and were replaced by the tricolored flag in various sizes

With the advent of the Agusta in 1992 the same policy was held and the Agusta wore a little tricolored flag on the tail during years with the mention on the aft fuselage: Force Terrestre / Landmacht (Army). The Wing Heli was integrated in the Air Component in 2003 and the mentions disappeared but still no roundel to be found. Then we have the arrival of the first NH-90 TTH all in "Army"-green sporting a low visibility roundel with a colorless effect and somewhat destabilizing imposing to add the mention "BEL" underneath it.
This was of course a subject for discussion within the Air Force opposing "adherents" and "detractors". Since a few days, during the press-presentation at Elsenborn, the NH-90 RN05 and the Agusta A109 H20 carried a high visibility tricoloured roundel giving something stylish to these kaki-green machines. But behind this coloured return, lays also a thorough study regarding the NH-90. Indeed, testing was done by an engineering department, on the corroding effect of the glue; the roundels are self-adhesive, on the composite materials of the fuselage of the helicopter. This aside, all the helicopters of the Air Component will regain the good old roundel.

The Belgian roundels like it was on Alouette II before the disparition
(Serge Van Heertum)
Agusta A109 Hirundo H20 wearing the Belgian roundels Both NH-90 and A109 with the ne hight vizibility roundels
Little bit colours on the TTH green...

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