Text & Pictures: Bart Lekeu & JetairFly (main pic) © sbap 2014

Through the website of Jetairfly, I booked a one way ticket to Alicante on Sunday, 8th of December. Reason: a flight with the brand new Dreamliner B787-8 (OO-JDL “Diamond”) of Jetairfly. The return flight was booked at Brussels Airlines.
On Saturday, 14th of December, at about 4AM, me and my companions go to the check-in desk of Jetairfly. I booked reserved seats for €5 per person: seats 15A-15B-15C. Ideal spots to have a nice view of the engine and wing.
Security at this time of day is very quick, and about 20 before departure we can board. The reception by the purser and the rest of the cabin crew is very warm and welcoming. The first thing we notice about the plane are the enormous space and bigger overhead compartments. I take my seat at 15A by the window, which also are 30% bigger than other aircraft’s windows. The airplane, which can seat 300 persons in three classes (Economy, Economy+ and Premium Club), is only filled a third. At 6AM sharp, the Dreamliner is pushed back, and less than 10 minutes later we’re flying above Brussels. The very smooth sensation of the Dreamliner is very noticeable: you barely feel the takeoff, and the silence of the engines also stands out!
I take my time to give the “in-flight entertainment system” a run for its money. While checking the flight trajectory, it mentions our altitude: almost 12 500 meters (41,000 feet). Apart from this feature, I can easily say that the system contains everything to be expected from a modern IFE. After half an hour, the cabin crew invites us to take a seat in the premium part, in the front of the aircraft. The fact that I, while entering the Dreamliner, informed the crew that we flew to Alicante especially to fly in the new Boeing, and requested to take some pictures of the cockpit after the flight, obviously had a positive effect.
After breakfast I stroll around the plane and take some pictures of the different classes aboard. I walk to the front of the plane, where the crew is preparing the catering. After a nice chat with 2 of them, I get an invitation to the cockpit. While entering I notice that the jumpseats are occupied as well. Aside from the 3 pilots, there was also an instructor from Tec4Jets aboard. Once again I get a warm welcome from the crew. The first thing that stands out, are the 4 big central displays and a completely paperless cockpit. When I asked them if they like the plane, the captain immediately answers that he’s falling in love with it, which doesn’t leave much room for interpretation! It’s also clear that the earlier problems of the plane are all solved. After a week of operations, no problems haven’t risen yet! I take some last pictures and return to my luxurious Premium seat, to prepare for the landing at Alicante. The sun is slowly coming up, and the crew is playing with the “moodlight”, which is a high tech lighting system that simulates sunrise and sundown. Outside daylight has broken through, which gives me the opportunity to test the window blinds, at the push of a button. You read correctly, the classical sunblind has been changed as well!
Exactly on time we land at El Altet, the official name of Alicante Airport. As the airplane doesn’t stop at a terminal, but on the tarmac, we can take some last pictures while going down conventional stairs. A funny fact: everybody was taking pictures at that time. During the short shuttle ride I hear a lot of people talking enthusiastically about the plane.
From the end of December, the plane will be flown to Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Mexico. When flying to these destinations, 2 other advantages of the Dreamliner will become clear for the passengers: the lower cabin pressure, and higher air moisture.
I’m not a big fan of warm, exotic destinations, but being able to fly the B787  for that long might still convince me. One thing is certain: this plane has really introduced “a new way of flying”, despite the problems during the first months after the launch. Add to this the wonderful service and the very kind cabin crew, and you have all the reasons why this was one of the finest flying experiences I ever had! Thanks Jetairfly for the “Dreamflight”.
The return flight with Brussels Airlines was with an A319 with registration 00-SSQ. Aside from some turbulence above the north of Spain, the flight was without incidents. The service and kindness of the crew was good, but not as terrific as Jetairfly’s. Or was it because I wasn’t flying in the Dreamliner anymore…

Early the morning, awaiting to taste the Dreamliner A warm welcome...
The seats with individual screen The luxury cabin
Dream Breakfast Full electronic information screen
The autor and the virtual company, Cabin attendant seat and main door and a view in the pilot office
"If it's not Boeing...I'm not flying..."
The modern dashboard, center pedestal and the impressive engine
Arrival at Alicante on sunrise Big beautifull aircraft
Juliet Delta Lima... Everobody have to take a bus...
...and have to leave the Dreamliner
Some sightseiing... ...general view of Alicante
Back to Belgium with another bird Alicante airport
Climbing... ...at sunshine

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